Many people do not give the entrance to their house the attention it deserves. It is the first place that visitors see when they call round, and it can affect the way they feel about your home and how welcome they are in it.

Making the entrance warm and welcoming isn’t difficult. There is no need to compromise on design in the name of practicality; you can have the best of both. Here is how to revamp your hallway to make people feel welcome.

The Front Door

The quality of the front door speaks volumes about the standards of the people who live behind it. Take a look at the one in the image. It is obviously a very high quality door made of varnished hardwood with a beautiful grain. The front door doesn’t have to be varnished, painted doors look fantastic, as long as they are in good condition. The paintwork must shine like new at all times. How often do you clean your front door? Of course, the handle and letterbox must be high quality too. Heavy solid brass items will last a lifetime of use and still look beautiful.

The Floor

The hall floor should be attractive and practical because people may step in with wet shoes from time to time. You will find carpets and flooring in Poole with a quick internet search. Maybe laminate, vinyl, or tiles will suit your hallway best because carpet gets dirty over time. Tiles are a permanent solution, but laminate and vinyl will last many years too. They come with extensive guarantees against wear.


The entrance should have somewhere for a guest to sit and take off their shoes if they want to. Ideally, you will provide seating for two guests.


The hallway is one place where wallpaper is desirable. It brings a touch of warmth to the room; something that your guests will appreciate when they step in from the winter’s night. Traditional flower patterns are acceptable here, as is a varnished dado rail around the room. Think about wallpaper above it and painted wall below if it is to your taste.


Every hallway should have a mirror so that people can check their appearance when they take their hat off on arrival, or as they leave. Choose a mirror that suits the rest of the decor. If you have a wooden dado rail, then a mirror with a varnished timber frame will look good.

Hat Stand & Coat Rack

Provide somewhere for people to hang their hat and coats. Some of the racks are beautifully ornate and from expensive exotic timbers that will grace any room.


I suggest using lamps table or standard lamps as the lighting source. They are much more welcoming than a harsh ceiling light or modern spotlights. Highlights and shadows make a room interesting, and these lamps are the best way to create them.

If you follow the advice here, there is no doubt that your guests will be met with a warm welcome upon entering your house. They won’t be able to put their finger on what it is that makes your hallway perfect, because it is a combination of many things. I hope you have found this useful; the principles have always worked well for me.