Gone are the days of painstakingly recording the Top 40 every week, squeezing cumbersome audio and visual systems into living rooms and worrying what your washing machine might do to your wardrobe delicates.

Thankfully it’s 2014 and innovations in interior design are changing the way we live and we’re now seeing more and more sensors all over our homes.

We’re also spoilt for choice with interior designers in London integrating cutting edge technology into our homes from 4K light emitting TV’s, state of the art home automation systems and indoor temperature and humidity sensors to sophisticated lighting technology and revolutionary home appliances.

It seems that smart technology is the latest must have feature in the home interior and all solutions lead back to your smart phone or a remote control.

It’s the perfect solution for any contemporary home, however these innovative designs are just as perfect for traditional home interior schemes.

With such high tech advancements, there are plenty of options that can neatly conceal smart technology in traditional interiors, which is perfect for a London townhouse scheme.

It is seemingly just as easy to integrate cutting edge technology into period homes and interiors with interior designers in the UK using discreet technology such as mirror TV’s and invisible speakers.

As the internet celebrates its 25th birthday this year, everyday items and functions in the home will start to operate via smart technology and some objects have already started to do so.

It may sound all a bit daunting but even appliances will be able to talk to each other to make life a little easier for you.

It won’t ruin a classic shaker style kitchen either, as appliances can be integrated well to streamline the scheme hidden from view. Modern technology is all about effortless use and maximum gain.

You can now run your bath to your exact depth and temperature, control shading and privacy by smart film technology that allows you to adjust shading and privacy from your windows or check if you’ve left any lights on whilst your out of the house, all via an App.

It’s not just clever products, with services such as evaluating your energy usage and your home security, which are readily available to monitor your home, whilst your away and perhaps even on holiday.

Choosing a specialist company such as SigmaLondon, who have an expert pool of interior designers in London and an array of services on offer, which is the perfect platform for anyone looking to cleverly integrate all types of innovations into the home without compromising on each room’s interior scheme.

The grandest 19th century townhouse with a classically designed interior can now have music in every room and HD quality streamed to every television in the home without the need of a set top box, without being obtrusive to the most traditional of schemes.

Even CCTV cameras are fitted discreetly and are geared up for remote operation.

These home interior revolutions are not just for the techies and modern interiors either.

On the contrary, these innovations are perfect for the technophobe with simple functions and seamless integration.

With such sophisticated technology on the market, the layout and decor of a more classically styled interior doesn’t even necessarily have to alter at all.

Many Apps are very simple and easy to use and most importantly, reliable. For those without a smartphone, most smart home technology has been developed to also function by remote control.

With exceptional versatility at your fingertips, you can have the latest in home gadgetry and automation systems in your interior for whatever the type of property you live in, seamlessly integrating into classic and contemporary interior styles with a bit of 5 star hotel luxury on the side.

With so many properties benefiting from bespoke kitchens and bathrooms, technology is the next step in setting apart your property from the others, from robust WiFi networks to simple to use home cinema systems and music all around your home.

Just like the super sleek extras you get with a car purchase, these systems can really add value to a property when it’s on the market.

Interior designers in London can help you to demand a bit more from your home and make it work a little harder for you, so you can take things a little easier.

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