You might have heard the term ‘cowboy builders’ before. The term refers to unreliable and often thieving construction companies – so it pays to know what green flags to look for. 

There are over 98,610 construction contractor businesses in the UK as of 2023, so how do you know you’ve found a good one? It’s not just about avoiding the red flags. It’s about spotting the green ones. 

Here, we explore four telltale signs that you’re on the right track with your choice.

Positive Reviews

Do you ever Trustpilot a company you’re not sure about? It’s a great platform for reviews. Still, not every small construction business will be listed on Trustpilot. Sometimes, you’ll need to look at social media and company websites. Still, a company without a long list of glowing reviews is seen as reputable. As unfortunately many small construction businesses won’t necessarily have online reviews, but instead, they’ll have a great word-of-mouth reputation. 

A track record of happy customers is a solid indicator of reliability and quality. It’s a sign that the company completes projects to a high standard.

Eco-Friendly Practices

Consumers are becoming interested in company sustainability values – approximately 78% of respondents to one survey said they care if a company is eco-conscious.  

A construction company integrating green practices into its operations is almost becoming essential. In the UK, the construction industry contributes to 25% of the greenhouse gas emissions.

Being eco-friendly isn’t necessarily going to be a green flag on its own, but it’s one of the indicators that consumers are beginning to become more interested in. There’s been a lot of campaigners against construction companies because they’re failing to meet sustainability targets or simply destroying land.

Using High-Quality Tools and Materials

Using high-quality tools and materials is a big green flag. Unfortunately, some construction companies will use sub-par equipment and materials and the building will suffer. You can see it in the issue-riddled newbuild housing estates. 

A construction company that invests in superior quality materials like retaining wall systems to protect the build and state-of-the-art tools ensures the longevity and durability of your project.

High-quality materials contribute significantly to the structural integrity and aesthetic value. 

Similarly, advanced tools enhance efficiency and precision in construction work, reducing the margin for error. This commitment also reflects a company’s dedication to staying abreast of 

Communication is Key

There’s a saying – ‘Communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity’? That rings true with construction. According to studies, over 85% of consumers want to experience proactive communication. What does that mean? Clear communication that you don’t have to chase. 

Unanswered calls and emails can be a sign of a red flag, or it can be a sign of a small construction company working long hours. 

A company that keeps you looped in values your input, and communicates clearly about timelines, costs, and processes is a gem – don’t let them add on any hidden costs. The quote agreed upon should be the final quote unless unforeseen circumstances arise. 

Choosing the right construction company can mean the difference between a dream project and a logistics nightmare. These green flags are your guide to making an informed decision. A company that ticks these boxes should deliver the quality, reliability, and professionalism your project deserves.