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Most families reach the point where they have filled every nook and cranny, until the home is about to burst open at the seams. This plays havoc with the interior design schemes that we work so hard on, in our attempt to create a stylish and luxurious ambiance.

There are only two solutions; create more space or move to a bigger home. We are going to investigate today, five ways to create more functional space in your home this year. Some of the suggested projects may be very expensive, others not so.

Extend The Home

If you have the funds to build a home extension, this is the obvious choice. It is probably the most expensive option because architects and builders are needed to complete the work. Here are only some parts of the process you should expect your build to follow.

  • Foundations. The ground will be excavated, and concrete poured in to provide sound footings for the walls. If your home is built on a pier and beam foundation, the extension will use the same method.
  • Walls. The usual way to build the walls is with a cavity wall. The cavity is insulated to meet with the latest regulations.
  • Roof. The architect will have designed the roof to be in sympathy with the building’s existing features.
  • Windows. The windows are installed after the brickwork or blockwork is complete. They come as assembled units that are fixed into position.

Before the extension is complete, the builders will break through into your house. This could be to install a door, or an entire wall may be taken out.

Install A Conservatory

Conservatories are a very popular solution to the need for extra space. They are simple to install by talented craftsmen and are often completed within a couple of weeks. Conservatories, like the rest of the home, benefit from a well thought out interior design scheme. Important features include the flooring and window blinds. Furniture plays a key role too, so be prepared to get your creative juices flowing.


Decluttering a home will make it feel completely different. Many people forget how big their home is until they are persuaded to clean it out. There is very little cost to this exercise, but it is often hard to part with things gathered over a lifetime.

Move Upwards

There is probably a great deal of wasted space above your head. A loft conversion is often carried out without the need for planning permission and costs much less than a home extension. The space is suitable to use for any purpose such as bedrooms, organised storage, games room; anything your need.

Basement Conversion

Basements and cellars are often a place where people store things they hardly ever use. If the room suffers from damp problems, there are many treatments such as waterproof rendering, to seal the walls and floor, preventing the ingress of moisture. Teenagers love the thought of having a bedroom downstairs, away from the rest of the house, so why not give them what they want? Converting the basement is cheap compared to a loft or home extension.

So it is possible to create more space without moving home. Are you brave enough to undertake the major projects? The rewards are there if you do.