Pot pourri - Photo by pollyfields.co.uk

We are a nation of home lovers who spend a great deal of time, money, and effort on presenting our houses at their best. The rise in DIY popularity over the last thirty years has encouraged us to take on projects that would have raised out parent’s eyebrows. Nowadays, they are all taken in our stride.

Interior design magazines and websites show us tantalising glimpses of how our homes could look, but though we try hard, most of our schemes do not match up. Still, we take great pride in what we can achieve.

Have you ever been invited into a beautiful house only to be hit with an awful smell of which the owners seem to be unaware? It has happened to all of us. Some of you may be an unaware owner; ask the honest opinion of a close friend. What causes these insidious odours and can they be cured? Let’s discover some secrets to keeping your home smelling clean and fresh.


Pets are a main culprit for stinky homes, and the owners are, more often than not, oblivious to the fact. Cats mark their territory in a nasty way, and a wet dog is torture on the olfactory system. Owners need to be made aware of the problem initially, as their clothes carry the smell around wherever they go. The only way to eliminate the smell completely is to remove the pet. Why people need five or six cats in their lives is a complete mystery. Seriously though, reducing the number of pets will reduce the smell. Bathe them on a regular basis and clean the house with a powerful vacuum cleaner. There is a well known product for removing smells from fabric furniture, but it is far better not to let the animals onto it in the first place.


Foul smelling drains will create a nasty stench, and if it has been building slowly, the owner may be so familiar with it that they do not notice. Sinks and basins have a trap below them that is attached below the plug hole. Bits of skin, soap, and hair deposit there, where bacteria breed and make the smell. The traps are easily removed by unscrewing and then washed out. Don’t wash them in the sink, however, lots of people do that. Can you guess why?

If cleaning the traps has no effect, there may be a bigger problem with the drains. Call the experts to investigate using drain CCTV in Essex and watch them work. It is fascinating to see how they inspect the pipes with a camera.

Sweet Smelling Advice

If you are to maintain the fresh smell of your home, clean regularly and decorate every few years. Layers of grime build up on the walls from cooking or smoking, and it sours the atmosphere. A fresh coat of paint works wonders to rejuvenate the room and its smell. Old carpet is another culprit. If you have pets, consider laminate flooring instead as it is far more hygienic. Daily fresh flowers or air fresheners are the finishing touch to creating the perfect ambiance.

Now you have read this advice, walk around your home and take a few deep breaths through your nose. Are you the smelly neighbour that everyone talks about? Not for much longer, now you know what to do.