It’s getting to be that time of year when the stores are decked out for the holidays and you need to find something to wear to the company holiday party.

If you’re not sure what to wear for your work’s festivities, the following tips will help you choose something festive as well as appropriate for this annual event.

You Can’t Go Wrong with a Classic

If you’re in doubt about what to wear to your company’s holiday party, you can never go wrong with a timeless black cocktail dress. Choose a dress with classic lines that’s both elegant and modest. The company party isn’t generally the right venue for showing off an abundance of skin. Although you may want to have a good time by wearing something that you feel is attractive, you also don’t want to compromise your professional reputation with inappropriate attire.

On the other hand, you can “identify your best-fitting silk blouses, dark-coloured trousers, slimming pencil skirts, and sweaters, and brainstorm ways in which you can wear them with a little more polish.” (1) If you’re concerned about maintaining your work image, you can simply dress up your nicest work clothes with something that sparkles.

A Polished Appearance

Once you choose a dress or outfit to wear, you must make sure that you also have the correct undergarments to wear. You don’t want to reveal your bra and ruin your classy appearance. In fact, you may wish to wear strap connectors that “prevent slipping and sliding of straps.” (2) You’ll also want to choose jewellery or other accessories that complement your outfit. Again, when in doubt, choose something classic like pearls or a fabulous gem you can wear as a focal point.

Many employees look forward to the holiday party as a time to unwind with colleagues in a social setting. So long as you choose apparel that you feel comfortable in and that doesn’t compromise your professional demeanour, you’ll be dressed to impress.


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