5 Subtle Fashion Tips That Impact Your Look

When it comes to improving your appearance, you don’t have to spend a ton of money and completely overhaul your hair, makeup and wardrobe.

In many cases, subtle changes can make a huge impact on your overall look. For a little extra help with your fashion choices, check out the following five tips:

Add Colour up High

In general, dark colours give you a tired and washed out look. If you love wearing lots of black, navy and deep grey shirts and sweaters, you might end up looking worn out, even if you got plenty of sleep.

Adding even a small touch of bright colour close to your face goes a long way in brightening up your appearance, and it helps you look healthier and less tired.

Try a lemon yellow or turquoise top, or if you can’t bring yourself to say farewell to black shirts, add a bright pink or green coloured scarf around your neck.

Try a V-neck or Open Neckline

Another easy fashion tip that makes a big difference is a V-neck or open neckline. This type of top gives the optical illusion that your neck is long, which is always a good thing — think Audrey Hepburn.

In addition, the open neckline catches peoples’ eyes and directs their attention to your face.

Go Easy on the Makeup

When applied correctly, makeup enhances your appearance without announcing to the world that you are wearing a lot of it. In fact, a small sweep of lip and eye colour combined with a light swoosh of mascara does more for your features than a heavy-handed application of eye liner and lipstick.

Skip the foundation and use a blemish balm, or BB cream, instead. These creams include moisturizer and sunscreen and cover like a foundation, only without the obvious “cakey” look.

Instead of a bright red lipstick, go with a lip colour that is a bit closer to the natural shade your lips turn after you rub them for a few seconds with your finger. For example, Amway sells a variety of gorgeous hues including Pink Shell, which has a lovely glistening colour to it but never feels sticky.

With Perfumes, Less Is More

Learning to use perfume properly involves figuring out the right amount to use. Like makeup, you don’t want to under-do or over-do it; instead, shoot for the perfect amount that other people will notice in a positive way.

The general rule of thumb is two or three sprays; try one at the nape of your neck and then one quick spritz on each wrist. Also, be aware that perfume can smell differently on your skin than in the bottle, so you might have to experiment a bit to find a fragrance that works for you.

Choose the Best Shoes

Sometimes, the most subtle fashion statement happens closest to the floor. Take time to choose the best shoes for your outfit; believe it or not, others often notice your footwear before anything else.

Invest in a gorgeous pair of black pumps or classic loafers, and make sure they are clean and well-shined. Toss your sneakers in the wash regularly to brighten them up and if you wear sandals, spring for a pedicure to make sure your toes look colourful and presentable.

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