High-waist fashions–skirts and pants–are in fashion and if you’re a petite woman, this is great news.

High waisted fashion “can elongate the legs to make you look taller” (1). For women who may be overweight, high waists can also have a flattering effect. In fact, high waists tend to look better on women of any shape. If you plan to go clothes shopping soon, check out the selection of high-waist garments and see for yourself how flattering these items can be.

High-Waist Style

Many women are thrilled to say goodbye to those low-riders that prevented them from comfortable bending over and also revealed more tummy than they were comfortable showing off. High-waist fashions tend to be sophisticated as well as slimming. They flatter by cinching the mid-section and hiding bulges. Of course, the key to wearing this look is to choose the right size. Try on clothes to make sure they fit and flatter your form.

Consider the Top

With so much focus on your waist, it’s essential to remember your top half for completing the look. To get that waist-slimming effect, you need to wear a bra that fits properly. Many women “wear the incorrect bra size as they have never been professionally measured” (2). If you aren’t sure about your size, take time to get fit. When your bra fits as it should, your shape will look better in everything else you put on. In addition, you may want to tuck in your top to achieve a flattering look. Try on different tops with your bottoms and choose a look that achieves that elongated look you’re going for.

Skin is In

Petite women may also want to choose high-waist garments that show more skin. Short skirts and Capri pants will provide petite women with an elongated look as well (3). Showing off your skin is also in style and you can find fashions that suit your particular style. When it comes to your blouses and tops, opt for sleeveless or three-quarter length sleeves that reveal more skin.

Consider these tips as you hit the stores in the coming months. You’ll be seeing more high-waist clothing items on the rack. Take time to try them on; you might love what you see in the mirror!


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