When it comes to finding the time for a good workout, you sometimes have to squeeze it in anytime you can.

This could mean taking time during your lunch break or heading out after work. However, if you need to go back to work or go somewhere else when you finish your workout, you don’t want to head out sweaty and smelly.

Keep these beauty touch-up tips in mind to freshen up after your next workout.

Take a Cool Down Period

Top 5 Beauty Touchup Tips After Workouts

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After any strenuous workout, chances are you’ll be flushed and sweaty. Your first step is to try to stay as cool as possible during your workout.

Wearing loose and breathable exercise clothing and drinking plenty of water during your workout can help. When you’re done, you can cool down faster by applying a cold cloth or ice pack to the pulse points inside your elbows, on your wrists, and behind your knees.

Additionally, mint has a cooling effect on your body, so either chew some mint gum or apply mint-scented lotion on your body.

Clean Up Without a Shower

Top 5 Beauty Touchup Tips After Workouts

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One of the best ways to feel clean after you get hot and sweaty from a workout is to hop in the shower. However, if you don’t have access to shower, there are still a few ways you can freshen up.

First, use a clean towel to wipe away any excess sweat from your body. Then, use baby wipes to clean off any grime and leave your skin with a fresh scent.

Another good way to freshen up is to sprinkle baby powder under your arms and on your thighs, back, and feet. This will absorb moisture and leave a pleasant scent.

Finally, use a dry shampoo to clean off any sweat that may have gotten in your hair. Since dry shampoo doesn’t require any water, you can simply comb it through your hair and then restyle it.

Pull Up Your Hair

Top 5 Beauty Touchup Tips After Workouts

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If you have long hair, another alternative to using dry shampoo is to pull your hair up so you don’t get any sweat in it. Simply pull your hair back in a loose braid, and then wrap it up in a bun.

This keeps your hair off the back of your neck and away from sweat. After your workout is over, let your hair back down and you’ll have soft waves and clean hair to get you through the rest of your day.

Tidy Up Your Makeup

Top 5 Beauty Touchup Tips After Workouts

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Sweating during your workout can wreak havoc on your pores and makeup. To help keep your skin clean, it’s a good idea to use a makeup remover wipe to take off all your makeup before your workout.

When you’re ready to head back out, a light application of makeup is all you need. Applying concealer, foundation, and powder if your face is sweaty will only create a hard shell that looks like a mask.

Instead, use a loose powder to minimise any blotches on your skin. Then, a light coat of mascara and lip-gloss will give you a fresh and clean look. Simply keep a small bag of makeup and beauty products from Amway in your bag and reapply after your workout.

Korean sheet-masks from brands like Innisfree are really popular at the moment.

Reapply Deodorant

The most important step in your beauty touch up routine is making sure you smell fresh and clean before you head back out to finish your day. Even the strongest deodorants can be put to the test after a strenuous workout.

This is why it’s a good idea to pack an extra stick of deodorant in your bag. Simply reapply when you’re done exercising and you can feel confident.

Or, if you’d like a natural approach, witch hazel not only helps to reduce sweat and odour, but it’s also good for refreshing skin after a workout. Simply dip a cotton ball in witch hazel and dab it under your arms. Let it dry before putting your clothing back on.

Whether you’re working out during a break in your day or you have to run errands after you’re finished, these tips can help touch up your hair and makeup so you can go back out looking good and feeling great.

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