Georg Jensen has a beautiful collection of long silver earrings to suit your style, mood, and personality.

The beautiful collection is designed with you in mind. Every woman likes to feel unique and special. Jensen long silver earrings are uniquely made for that special woman you have in mind. 

Whether you are buying it for yourself or you want to give it out as a gift, the silver earrings never disappoint. The following are some of the designs from Jensen that include long silver earrings:

Offspring Earrings

The offspring long silver earrings are symbolically made to portray the strong bond between mother and child. The offspring earring is made from two interlinked organic shapes. The smaller form nestles inside, the larger one. 

Offspring long silver earrings - From

The symbolic earring is a powerful representation of close relationships between mother and child, siblings, lovers, and close friends. Due to their strong symbolic gesture, the long silver offspring earrings make an unforgettable gift of love to that special woman in your life. The beautiful earrings tell a story and evoke strong feelings of love. 

Mercy Earrings

Jensen long silver Mercy earrings are sophisticated to bring out the striking beauty in you. The earrings are made up of flowing strands that are wrapped together to fasten securely. The twists and turns of time inspire every strand. The elegantly crafted long silver earrings are both emotional and beautiful. 

Mercy long silver earrings - From

The strands symbolise the passage of time as a starting point, and the results are sensuous, organic, and free-spirited. Mercy earrings make a perfect gift for precious memories. They also give meaning to every twist and turn in life.

Daisy Long Silver Earrings

Another perfect collection from Jensen is the Daisy earrings. Being the most charming and joyful of all flowers, daisy has a place in many hearts. Daisy earrings creation is a perfect choice for women seeking stylish earrings. The long silver earrings have a youthful and relaxed air that will appeal to any young woman at heart.

Daisy earrings collection was inspired by the original piece that was presented by Georg Jensen to the Danish queen in 1940. Since then, the long silver earrings have become the most popular in the Jensen collections. 

The long silver earrings have a timeless appeal because women of all ages can wear them. The earing is stylish and easy-to-wear. Whether you are looking for a gift for your old grandmother or your young queen, the Daisy long silver earrings will not let you down.

Halo Ear Hoops

These dangling silver earrings were inspired by Nordic light’s transcendent beauty and changing phases of the moon. The Halo long silver earrings bring a feeling of effortless and natural elegance. The circular shapes of sterling silver overlap to form large hoop earrings. The elegant earrings are timeless in their own understated and sophisticated manner.  

The circular shapes endowed in the long silver earrings appear as a beautiful crescent moon. Wearing these hoops will elevate your appearance and make you the center of attention.

Magic Single Piece Earring

The long silver magic earring is sold individually. The contemporary design creates alluring magic and exudes the relaxed elegance of the modern woman. 

Magic earrings - From

The magic single long silver earring comes in different formats to suit the unique nature of women. The earrings are not only beautiful but define your mood and personality. They also give you outstanding beauty, thus leaving an unforgettable impression on your peers.

The stunning magic single piece earring is a symbol of independence that portrays the modern woman’s real sense. Wearing the magic single piece earring will elevate your will power and propel you to greater heights.