Winter is coming and now is the time to take the helm of your garden. The inclement weather can have a tremendous impact on our outdoors space.

The rain, hail and snow can leave our gardens looking somewhat lacklustre. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can style your garden to perfect this winter and ensure that you have a gorgeous outside space. You are sure to love it all year round.

Now is the time to consider how you will prepare your garden for the cold months of January and February.

Here are some gorgeous garden ideas that you can use.

Wildlife Friendly

Wildlife friendly - bee - photo by Kimb0lene

Having a wildlife friendly garden is important to many. Encouraging wildlife into your home is a great way of doing your bit for the environment. There are a large number of trees and shrubs that you can use to make your garden a wildlife haven.

Flowers can provide nectar for bees and other insects. A small pool can encourage frogs. Add fresh lavender to encourage butterflies. You can even add a nesting table for birds and squirrels. Wildlife in the garden is one of the most beautiful things. So, encourage it with keen garden design.

Create a Patio Area


Patio Living Perth suggests having a small space within your garden for dining and relaxing. While you cannot make use of this in the winter, you can ensure that you are preparing and getting ready for summer. With this, adding a small patio area with comfortable seating ensures that you have a lovely garden all year round. Add small planters and tubs for maximum impact. You don’t have to go mad with outdoor accessories, but a few choice ornaments ensure that your garden looks lovely. Start planning and adding vital touches now.

Shrubs and Bushes

Garden shrubbery - photo by Snapshooter46

Shrubs like lavender, Norway spruce and fuchsia are stunning all year round. What is more, the different colours can give your winter garden a bright and happy feel. You don’t have to go for all greens and firs in the winter. On the contrary, you can make sure that you have a pop of colour by incorporating winter-specific plants. These look stunning all year round and if tended to properly, will return and flower the following year. It’s a great way to cheer up a dismal looking winter yard. You can add these to bright pots, or simply bed them in your borders. The choice is yours.

Go Wild

Wild flowers - photo by just1snap

One of the easiest types of gardens to maintain in the winter is the wild style. If you like the idea of having a wild garden, you can add some essential features. Winter wild flowers look perfect when they are sewn across your lawn. Adding long reeds and perennials can ensure that your garden has that wild, romantic charm. One of the best advantages of this cottage garden theme is that you don’t have to maintain this. So, if you are less than green-fingered, but you want a stunning garden, this option is the best for you.