Basement office - Photo by Adam Selwood

Everybody wants to say that their home is efficient and functional, but not many people can say that honestly.

This guide is focused around helping you to improve the functionality of your home, so you can enjoy it much more. Take a look.

Maximise the Vertical Space You Have

If you take advantage of your vertical space, your home will seem more put together and large. You can do this by adding shelves and bookcases. Don’t neglect the vertical space, as this is the easiest way to store your things without taking up too much room.

Layout Furniture Carefully

Make sure you’ve laid out your furniture in the best way possible. There are apps online that can help you to do this. Your traffic paths should be free from obstructions so that everybody can move through the house freely.

Don’t Let Clutter Rule Your Life

It can be hard to keep on top of mess and clutter, but you should never let it control your life. Make sure you get rid of everything you don’t need, and keep things you do need in a safe place. You can even go paperless by scanning things into the computer and keeping them there. This will stop you having sheet upon sheet of paper lying around.

Keep Your Car Safe

Sometimes, you just don’t feel like your car is safe on the drive or parked on the curb outside. Even if it isn’t at risk of being broken into or taken, the elements can damage it just as badly in the long run. Softwoods carport kits can help you to build a safe place for your car to stay, away from the elements and any other threats. It’s a good idea to build a carport if you haven’t got a garage.

Add Electricity Outlets to Drawers

Do you get sick of having clutter all over your surfaces? Hate the way electricity outlets look? Add them to the inside of your drawers instead. This way you can charge phones inside the draw without having them clutter up your space.

Add Plenty of Storage

The more storage you can add to your house, the better. You can get storage that hangs on the back of the door, fits under the bed, inside wardrobes, and more. Try to stash everything away that you don’t use daily to stop clutter from forming.

Install Dutch Doors

Dutch doors are a great alternative to baby gates. It’s basically a door that splits in the middle, so you can close the bottom but have the top open. Baby gates are often installed due to having pets or kids that you need to keep an eye on, but dutch doors can be just as effective and look much better.

House - Garreth Wilcock

Photo by Garreth Wilcock

With these tips you should find your home looks better and performs better. It’s no good having a house that looks great if it doesn’t perform that way too!

Do you have any helpful tips for our readers? Feel free to leave your ideas in a comment. See you next time