Roller shades

Roller shades are a classier way to reduce the amount of radiation and sunlight that enters your home.

When hung from window openings that don’t have glass panes installed in them, roller shades lessen the amount of weather (i.e. rain) that comes into your home.

However, privacy and decor are the top advantages you can get with the window treatments.

Bamboo Roller Shades - Photo by Emily May

Most people hang the window treatments on the inside of their windows, again for decor, shades and privacy.

Other homeowners hang the windows treatments on the outside of their homes as a way to set off a porch or another outdoor area.

Modern roller shadesFor example, an outdoor area that a family uses to dine outside or chat as part of a summer get together, might be enclosed with roller shades.

Roller shades from Payless Decor can be used to achieve two or more winning results which is causing the window treatments to increase in popularity.

People who live in condos, apartments and houses are choosing the window treatments when they start taking steps to furnish and decorate their living spaces.

For example, people living in small apartments are not only making the best of shelves to show off portraits, clocks and lamps, they are also installing roller shades to set off narrow windows.

Because the shades slide across metal poles, there’s no need for homeowners to spend extra money on curtain hangers or expensive curtain rods.

Colourful roller shades

Colors roller shades are available in include beige, brown and blue. Light blocking materials the window treatments are made with offer sufficient light control and sunlight protection.

Blackout roller shades also reduce the amount of outside noise that enters rooms the window treatments are installed in.

Contemporary roller shades work well with new age furniture. They also make great complements to classic, more traditional furniture sets.

Roller shadesThe fact that the shades come in horizontal as well as vertical designs gives homeowners more control of their home decor.

It’s fairly easy to care for the window treatments. To keep the shades clean, consider vacuuming them once a week.

Wipe fingerprints and spots clean using a wet cloth. TLC shares that, if shades get a hard stain on them, they could be touched up using a shoe polish that’s the same color as the shades.

The important thing is to clean the shades regularly. Avoid letting weeks pass before you check your roller shades for spots and stains.

By letting children know that rough housing is disallowed near the shades, the shades could last longer. Pull the shades open during the daytime and adults can invite loads of natural light inside their houses, condos or apartments.

This is an especially good tactic if the shades are installed in front of sliding doors.

To cover wide windows, install two to three sets of the shades as some shades are better designed for narrow windows. Another way to get more out of the shades is to hang shorter shades or blinds between the window treatments.