Fitting a new kitchen can be an exhilarating experience. It is changing a major part of your home, a part that most people use at least once every day. It needs to be done right, with the right company and with the best tools and materials for the job.

On average, it takes about six weeks to fit a new kitchen in your home, so it is important that the results are worth the effort.

Once all renovations are complete, there is nothing that can beat the feeling of cooking your first meal in your brand new kitchen; the one you always dreamed of, the one that you worked so hard to achieve.

Another important fact to remember about kitchen overhaul is that when done correctly new kitchens can add a lot of money onto the value of your house; In fact, the worth of your property can soar by 15%. For the price it costs to refurbish, it could really make a difference when it comes to selling.

Don’t plan a kitchen renovation until you read this article. There are some new and exciting trends for 2014 that you should hear about first.

Earls Court 1 Photo 1 Hacker Kitchen Gloss Pebble Grey Laminate

Neutral colour scheme

Neutral colours will be making a big statement in 2014. Pales and pastels have been floating around for a few years now and they are ever popular for kitchens because they are timeless and simple to maintain.

They are also easy to change when you fancy something new.  Neutral kitchen colours can also be enlivened with an exciting backsplash, colour accents or bright accessories, bringing your kitchen to life.


Granite / marbleGranite is another big trend for 2014. The style has a classic look about it, but with a modern edge.

Granite is popular for kitchens because is hardwearing, long lasting and easy to clean.

It also introduces a moderate rural feel for any kitchen.

Granite is one of the most common natural stone worktops available; it is a robust and easily looked after material with all of the beauty of marble, and with none of the commitment or price.

Contemporary Kitchens


This style is never far away from everyone’s mind. With bright colours, innovative lighting concepts and vivacious curves, the contemporary style is the Ferrari of the kitchen world.

Contemporary kitchens with new shapes and styles are emerging in 2014, guaranteed to have every one of your visitors talking.  A real work of art.

High gloss foil wood kitchen


This has been a popular material used in kitchens for centuries, but is set for renewed demand in 2014.

Wood is a great way to create a vintage or antique feel to your kitchen, and one that truly stands the test of time.

From classic English Oak to the more unusual black or white painted wood. Ceiling beams, floorboards and doors are other means for introducing wood into your kitchen.

Modern farmhouse kitchen - Photo by Veronica Torres-Miller


Classic, homely kitchens represent a style that never fades in desirability or demand.

Popular with those that like cosy cottages and real wood, the farmhouse kitchen is the perfect addition to any home. Timeless and appreciable, the farmhouse kitchen is a beautiful style.

Glass kitchen


Glass table tops are reflective, and can make even the smallest kitchen look bigger.  Glass doors on your cupboards can also create a stunning 3D effect.

In 2014 there is a whole lot of imagination going into the planning and layout of kitchens, which is echoed in our creative glass counter tops.

For an extra special effect there will be a painted or wallpapered backsplash that shines through the glass door to compliment the rest of your kitchen perfectly. It works really well with the farmhouse style and some wooden cupboards.

Black Counters and Dark Accents

Black modern kitchen

For a stunning and modern kitchen, black is going to be a big winner in 2014. Mixing black countertops with pale coloured cupboards and wooden floors is a fantastic way to make any kitchen pop, no matter the size.

Avoid using a completely dark colour scheme because this can make rooms look smaller, but a good way to switch things up is to use a black cupboard with white countertops.

There are many styles that you can incorporate, including wood, high gloss or matt, which all effect a chic looking design and compliments the contemporary style perfectly.

Stacked Appliances

Especially for smaller kitchens, this concept helps maximise on space. It is unconventional and quirky, whilst efficient in a smaller house or flat. Just make sure you attach any stacked appliances correctly and securely to avoid any accidents.