Kitchen islands are huge right now. The vast majority of kitchen redesigns try to include some kind of peninsular or island, with the latter being the preference if space allows. Metal inspired kitchen island takes that idea a step further.

A kitchen island doesn’t just look great. It can provide extra workspace, a breakfast bar, cooktop, more storage and the option to be able to face the room while working.

It’s also a great focal point and a genuine wow moment within a kitchen. No wonder so many people are trying to add them to their kitchen!

If you want to take the kitchen island to the next level, why not include metal in the mix?

Metal/ stainless steel island woktop and sink in modern white kitchen

As you’ll know from copper pans or hanging utensils, metal can add colour, depth and character to a kitchen, and the inclusion of metal within a space usually dominated by wood and ceramic, can make a big difference.

So, without further ado, let’s share some metal inspired kitchen island ideas!

Copper worktop

Let’s start as we mean to go on, with a simple idea that can make a huge difference. Firstly a copper worktop can transform a kitchen island.

It goes with dark or light colours, can work with modern designs as well as traditional. It’s a very flexible and hard wearing material that makes the perfect worktop.

Aged copper or polished, it’s entirely up to you. Either way, a copper worktop could be the crowning glory to any kitchen.

Metal side panel

If you don’t feel like a copper worktop or have your heart set on marble or resin, you could introduce metal as a side panel to your kitchen island.

Metal/copper sheet cut to size

Choose a metal colour and tone to complement your overall kitchen design and you now only add a conversation piece, but also protection for the woodwork.

A metal panel as part of a breakfast bar or the part of the island that faces the room can make an incredible impact.

Copper or brass fixtures

Copper or brass fixtures could be the perfect finishing touch to a kitchen island. Think taps, drawer and door handles, socket covers and anything else metal you care to use.

These two metals can also complement traditional and modern designs and there are hundreds of options for each.

You can buy taps, handles and fixtures in almost any design scheme you care to mention, so you’re never short of choice.

Hanging pots and pans

Hanging pots and pans are a very simple but effective way to use metal with a kitchen island. Use a dedicated pot rack or vintage laundry hanger, whatever fits the bill.

Copper kitchen pots and pans hanging from wooden rack over kitchen island

Not only do you gain access to some excellent cookware, you can also marvel at them from a distance as part of the room decoration.

Hanging pots and pans are used extensively within interior design because they add character as well as practicality.

Metal light shades

Metal light shades would make an excellent addition to a kitchen island if you’re using overheads. Hanging lights are perfect for islands and provide another conversation starter along with valuable task lighting.

There is a plethora of designs and styles around so you can integrate lighting into your overall look with ease.

Those are just 5 metal inspired kitchen island ideas. We’re sure you could come up with many more.

As long as the metal is of a high quality and the colour and tone complements the overall look and feel, you have plenty of room to explore!