Are you in the mood for something different? If you’re desperate to unlock the potential of your property’s living space read on to discover some creative ways of transforming your home with abundant levels of natural daylight through the installation of flat roof skylights.

We caught up with the UK’s first BSI-accredited skylight manufacturers, Sunsquare, who talked us through a few of their recent projects including the installation of two skylights in the home kitchen of widely renowned Michelin star chef, Régis Crépy.

Stunning private residential homes

Green Country Developments

London-based Green County Developments has played a key role in some of London and Surrey’s most stunning private residential developments in last 15 years. Sunsquare’s full range of flat roof skylights have been fitted for a number of projects, providing the perfect finishing touch for living rooms, basements and bedrooms.

Walk-on skylights are particularly interesting as they can redefine interiors below, making basements a more useable, liveable space. For this project, walk-on roof windows have been used to great effect to transform the game and cinema room.

The skylights have delivered outstanding results that complement the clean design of the interiors whilst delivering much-needed natural light and ventilation.

Maximum light, minimum effort for Suffolk-based chef

Given the success of his three award-winning Suffolk restaurants, Mr Crépy, a Michelin star chef is a man accustomed to style and authenticity. Sunsquare fitted two 1000 x 1500mm skylights into the kitchen of his family home, with their ability to provide maximum light with the minimum of effort.

Mr Crépy said: “I wanted to create a feeling of space and light, with a kitchen where the outside world would come in.

“These structures bring an enormous amount of natural light and have completely transformed the environment of the room.”

Electric operated skylight thrills SW London homeowner

Selected as the only skylight of its sort in the marketplace, Sunsquare’s 3,780mm long Aero Electric skylight was the only choice for Salt West Architects who were looking to create a clean and contemporary kitchen space for their client.

The Aero Electric features a rain sensor which automatically closes the skylight, if open, when it starts to rain outside. As you can see, this particular skylight has had a colour change to the internal frame, providing a wonderfully unique contrast to the ceiling’s plasterwork.

Not only does it throw wonderful natural light onto the kitchen sitting and worktop area, it provides adequate ventilation, greatly enhancing the room as a living space.