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It’s no secret among its residents that the key to living in London is making effective use of space.

From extending homes upwards instead of outwards, to the numerous space-saving furniture ideas available, maximising the potential of a property is what the capital is all about.

With this in mind, the rise of balconets – more often referred to as Juliet balconies – will come as no surprise to those familiar with their many benefits.

Juliet Balconies: The New Trend For London Loft Conversions

As their name suggests, Juliet balconies are similar in appearance to those platforms regularly used in performances of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, upon which one of the titular protagonist leans out and loudly wonders where the other may be located.

Essentially a railing of metal or reinforced glass, the balconet allows for large French windows or patio doors on upper floors to be opened safely without the threat of small children (or negligent adults) from falling out. [Remember that, if railings are used, the gap between each rung is small enough to prevent an accident].

But it’s not just a bonus safety feature that this style of balcony offers; they can provide a highly stylish design feature to many homes, too.

Allowing for floor-to-ceiling windows or doors, Juliet balconies encourage maximum levels of natural light into rooms that might otherwise be a bit on the dingy side, and can help to give the impression of airiness and space where the may be none.

Juliet Balconies: The New Trend For London Loft Conversions

While they may not have much floor space upon which to place outdoor furniture, a feature can be made out of French windows with a balconet.

Arranging chairs and a coffee table next to the window creates a balcony type area when the doors are opened, and nothing beats leaning out over the railings with a cup of coffee in the morning or wine in the evening.

Those pressed for space in London’s busier boroughs may even find it possible to fit a window box of flowers or herbs on these narrow balconies.

Juliet Balconies: The New Trend For London Loft Conversions - LMB French Windows Wallington

Design-wise, the possibilities are wide and varied. One such emerging trend among many London homeowners is for glass Juliet balconies.

Particularly attractive for homes fortunate enough to have a decent view from the upper floors, this stylish option provides a contemporary alternative to wrought iron railings, which themselves offer a touch of timeless class.

Juliet Balconies: The New Trend For London Loft Conversions

Those that live in more urban or industrial areas of the city may want to opt for the latter, however, as keeping glass balconet fronts clean from the dust and grime of exhaust fumes could be an ongoing task!

With their combination of style and practicality, it’s no surprise that the Juliet balcony design, commonplace across Southern Europe, is seeing a rise in popularity in London.

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