Who doesn’t love a tidy, organised kitchen? Whether your space or small or large, intelligent storage solutions make life easier. Ensure everything has a home (and is to hand when you need it) with these useful gadgets and gizmos:

1.  Plate Rack

The plate rack is the pinnacle of crockery cupboard organisation. They’re perfect for separating dinner plates, side plates and bowls, making your dinnerware easier to retrieve.  This will ensure your set lasts longer as it’s less prone to chipping, breaking and scratching!  Pictured below: corner plate rack from Wilko, £3.

Kitchen Plate Rack

2.  Fridge Storage

Use storage boxes to keep your food organised.  This will keep food fresh and reduce wastage.  Remove and wash boxes with ease, helping your fridge to stay cleaner for longer.   Pictured below, various solutions from The Container Store.

Fridge Storage

3.  Slimline Slide-Out Kitchen Storage

You can’t go wrong with these fantastic slimline storage units slot down the side of your fridge. Stack yours with herbs, spices, jars and sauces, freeing up space in your cupboards.  Trolley pictured below from eBay.


4.  Pan Lid Holder

Clip this clever invention over a cupboard door and never lose a saucepan lid again!   Available from Wilko.

5. Storage Shelf For Food Cupboards

Sick of stacking tins in your food cupboard?  These clever shelving units are the answer, they utilise otherwise unused space.  You can find these in most homeware shops, including Wilko, Lakelands and BM Bargains.  We found the one pictured below at .

Cupboard shelf organiser

6.  Under The Sink Storage

Do you like to stock up on cleaning products while they’re on offer?  If so, the cupboard under your sink will be bursting at the seams.  If you can’t find what you need, get organised with this clever invention from Addis.  You can remove and reposition the shelving so it’ll slot around the pipes under your sink. Currently available from Dunelm.

Under Sink Storage

7.  Packet Storage

Organise packets and pouches with this handy little wire basket. The tiered ‘step’ design allows you to see and retrieve the contents with ease.  Available from Lakeland for £6.99.

Packet storage

8.  Overdoor Cupboard Basket

Place a wire basket over your cupboard door to magic up a little extra storage space. They’re ideal for organising packets, jars and tins on the inside of your food cupboards.  Place one under the sink to hold extra cleaning products and cloths.  Pictured below: basket from Wilko.

Wilko Over Cupboard Storage

9.  Kitchen Door Storage Rack

Consider hanging a large rack over your kitchen door.  It’ll provide extra storage for cooking essentials, utensils and pots.  We found this one at Wilko for £10.  It’s also perfect for providing a little extra storage in a pantry or larder.

10.  Ironing Board Holder

Or hang this clever contraption over your kitchen door instead. Use it to neatly store your iron and ironing board while not in use.  We found it at Amazon.co.uk.

ironing board storage

11.  Drawer Dividers

Use this set of plastic dividers to help you organise THAT drawer (you know the one, everybody has one! It’s stashed full of miscellaneous items that sort of belong in the kitchen.  Ours contains water filters, batteries, fuses and spare parts for the food processor.)  The dividers are adjustable and can be cut down to size. Available from Lakeland.