For most of the homeowners, kitchen is one of the most important spaces in the home.

According to most of the real estate experts, one of the best ways to add value to your property is by renovating the kitchen space. The top most components for a kitchen remodel project are replacing all the kitchen appliances, installation of new floor, replacing kitchen cabinets, and of course installation of new countertop.

Let’s focus on the most important (or you can also call it the final) component i.e. replacing the kitchen cabinets or probably installing a completely new one. Of course, it’s going to be a tough task to choose the right countertop for your kitchen space. You should first decide on your budget i.e. the exact amount of money which you want to spend in the new countertop. The next step is to consider the look and style you want to see in the kitchen space.

Whatever the kind of countertop you want to choose, it should be the focal space of your home. One of the most popular countertop which comes in the mind of homeowner is granite. However, you also have the option to choose from a huge range of options- and granite is one of them. A kitchen remodelling project now mainly involves choosing the right worktop i.e. tile, stone, laminate, stainless steel etc.

Let’s Start With Granite

Granite kitchen countertops

As it’s well known to everyone, granite is one of the most popular worktops and so it’s expensive. Why it’s so costly? Is that what you are thinking? Along with the beautiful surface, granite is scratch resistant and so it won’t get damaged easily no matter what happens.  It’s very durable and going to last a long time.

The best thing about granite countertop is that it never goes out of style and also adds value to your home if you have installed in the right way. The cons? Along with the cost, granite is a natural stone and it’s completely porous. A stealer is a must if you want to prevent staining. What you can probably do is use granite tiles and not a massive slab.


There is a huge amount of money you can save on the tiles. Never ever use the granite surface as the cutting board as it will completely destroy the surface. This is something you should always keep in mind when you have chosen granite as a countertop.

Caesarstone’s Kitchen Worktops

Along with granite, there are also some other popular materials which you can use for your countertops. Marble, quartz, limestone, Caesarstone are some of the most common popular materials among all the modern homeowners. Caesarstone is cool, and it’s the best countertop for food preparations as you can directly do it on the surface. This is one of the major reasons of the gaining popularity of Caesarstone’s kitchen worktops.

Replacing the kitchen worktop is one of the very first steps, especially when you want to renovate the kitchen space and give it a new look. Keep all these great tips in mind to choose the best worktop for your kitchen space.

Main image by Emily May @ Flickr.