Funky Kitchen Appliances to Brighten Up Your Kitchen - Red Smeg Fridge

If you’re looking to brighten up your kitchen this spring, these kitchen appliances are so funky they would easily add that something special just on their own.

Funky Kitchen Appliances to Brighten Up Your Kitchen - Neon Smeg Dishwasher

Smeg is renowned for their retro fridge and freezers, but I was excited to find out that they also made dishwashers along with many other appliances for example cookers and fire places.

I love the fact the dishwashers are made in many different colours, but also have the distinct Smeg retro look about them.

I didn’t even realise dishwashers were around prior to the 1970’s, but it turns out the first crude version of a dishwasher was made in the 1850’s in America, then a version of the domestic dishwasher was invented in England in the 1920’s by William Howard Livens.


The makers of this oven produced a pink version to promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The oven works beautifully in this kitchen even though the appliance has a modern look, and the kitchen has a number of retro pieces.

I feel this is due to the owner designing the kitchen in a way that pulls a number of different styles together with different shades of pink, enabling the bright and funky pink colours to pop and at the same time blend with the pale pink. Talking about pale pink, I love the kettle and mixer too!

Funky Kitchen Appliances To Brighten Up Your Kitchen - Pale Blue Smeg Washing Machine

Why have built in appliances hidden behind kitchen doors, when they look so funky! Make them pride of place! Even the Laundry room would look funky with a Smeg washing machine. I found one just like this but without the tap & sink attached on the following website. I so want one!

Funky Kitchen Appliances To Brighten Up Your Kitchen - Yellow Mixer  Pink Smeg Fridge

I’ve always wanted a pale pink or blue mixer to go in my dream kitchen with a pale blue or pink Smeg Fridge and Freezer, but I can’t get over how much this funky bright yellow mixer really works in this kitchen.

I would permanently feel as if it were spring (my favourite time of year), all this kitchen needs is a few daffodils and tulips and it would be perfect. Though I think I would probably have white wooden furniture rather than plastic, but the plastic table and chairs do give it a more authentic 1950’s look.

Funky Kitchen Appliances To Brighten Up Your Kitchen - Blue Retro Microwave

Funky Kitchen Appliances To Brighten Up Your Kitchen - Orange Coffee Machine

Say goodbye to boring kitchens! This pale blue microwaves, and funky orange coffee maker are so cool, I bet you’d get away with placing them in any style of kitchen, be it retro, modern, country or minimalist.

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