Kitchen counter

Kitchen counter space makes a notable difference to the way a kitchen is and we’ve got a number of tips to make more room for less.

1. Elevating small devices for a little more space.

Your smaller devices that you use regularly, however not daily as to where they need to take up the counter space, you can get a lift mechanism.

This machine is put in into the cabinet underneath the counter-top or sink and you can put a small device that weight up to sixty pounds on top.

This saves space because when you need the device, just pull the shelf and the lift lifts the device to the counter for you to work with and when you are finished, you just have to pull the lever to release and the machine takes the device back underneath the counter and in the cabinet.

2. Pulling out an extra chopping surface for space.

You can put in a pull-out cutting board instead of doing a major remodeling project on your kitchen.

It fits underneath the counter and plenty of business will take your measurements and make a pull-out cutting board that you can put in yourself.

If you are interested try companies like Kuchenworld.

These companies can take your measurement via e – mail and make pull-out cutting boards that match the color of your counter-top.

3. Cutting over the sink and not on the counter.

You can get a cutting board that simply fits over your sink.

They have even been improved, such as the Catskill Craftman has created the Cut and Catch model.

The model fits over the sink and has a plastic tub that fits into the cutting board so that once you are finished cutting up a vegetable or whatnot, you can just slide the cut up pieces in the plastic tub and carry them to the stove or plate.

You can also leave the plastic tub out and put the pieces that you do not need in the hole to fall into the sink and then be put into the garbage disposal, if you have one.

4. Carting your counters around.

If you ever need more counter space, you can have a rolling kitchen cart like the one from Boos Butcher Block Kitchen Cart.

You will have more space for other activities on your permanent counters and your cart can be stored in the laundry room, closet, or in the corner of the dining room.

You can put food on it and cart it around, you can sit at the table while you are peeling potatoes, and just simply have more room if your meals are a family affair where everyone is in the kitchen doing something to help prepare the meal.

5. Rolling and folding the kitchen cart.

You can also get the rolling and folding kitchen cart like the ones made by Oasis.

If you are truly in need of counter space and you do not have any room for the simple kitchen cart that rolls, this is for you to use.

This cart can be folded and put up, not just rolled into a corner.