If you’ve ever opened your wardrobe and found yourself engulfed in suits, dresses and shoes, then you’ll know how frustrating it can be when you seem to have more clothes than available space!

Cramming more than you should into your storage cupboards is not the way to ensure a long life for your clothing or your furniture!

Stuffed drawers and cupboards are incredibly irritation for everyone so here are some tips on how to make the most out of your wardrobes.

First rule… have a clear out!

Having a good clear out really should be your first and main concern before attempting to repack your wardrobe to help it perform to its best capacity!

To clear out, prepare by gathering some large bags…three bags should suffice depending upon your clothing collection of course!

Earmark one bag for charity or resale and one bag for recycling.

Next, it’s time to get tough! Go carefully through each and every item of clothing and footwear and be realistic.

If you have not worn a piece for more than a year then the chances are that you never will again!

That dress which you wore once a couple of decades ago for your fifth cousin’s wedding?

You’re never going to wear it again and now that it’s almost vintage it might fetch a pretty penny!

Be tough on seasonal items too…do you really need thirteen faded summer t shirts?

Or could you replace them quite easily for your next hols?

If things are stained or marked but you love them then take them to the dry cleaners to see if they can be salvaged.

Once you’ve gone through your wardrobe in this manner then you should find that you’ve got a much lighter load.

Second rule… get some decent hangers!

Beautiful wardrobe

By “decent” we mean wooden and preferably UK oak furniture! Do not use the nasty plastic ones which shops tend to offer free along with your purchases… they break and aren’t great for good quality clothes either.

Good hangers are wooden and well made…sometimes you may find that padded hangers are the best choice for silk or very fine clothing.

More tips!

A great tip for saving space in your wardrobe is to utilise some vacuum storage bags.

These brilliant and inexpensive bags are designed to save space by making the area that your clothing or linen takes up, much smaller.

Simply pop in whatever you’re not wearing at the moment (think winter jumpers in summertime) and then vacuum the air out of the bag.

It’s amazing how much these bags shrink down even when they’re stuffed with bulky jumpers, coats and jackets.

Fold all clothes properly and replace them when they’ve been laundered and you should find that your wardrobe is much more comfortable to use on a daily basis.

Looking after your clothing well will extend their life considerably and as long as you have regular clear-outs where you ditch the old things or the things which don’t fit well then your new, well managed wardrobe should remain just as gorgeous to behold as it was when you first revamped it!