Elegant kitchen - Photo by Alex Beattie

A sophisticated home is what most people dream of. Many people worry that they can’t have a sophisticated home because they don’t have enough money to renovate, or because they don’t have enough money to move to a fancier area, however; we can assure you, this isn’t true.

There are many simple ways you can make your home look more sophisticated. By simply chopping and changing a few things, you can make your home look very elegant and classy. Don’t believe us? Try the tips in this post and see for yourself!

Things Every Sophisticated Home Should Have

As a rule, every sophisticated home should have:

  • A piece of art you love. It doesn’t matter who created it or how much it costs!
  • A beautiful mirror to reflect plenty of good energy.
  • An antique or family heirloom.
  • Books – plenty of interesting looking reads. You don’t have to read them, just have them on display!

Things Every Sophisticated Home Shouldn’t Have

Get rid of these things if you want a more sophisticated air about your home:

  • An object that is a fake replica of a plant or animal. No matter how expensive!
  • Ceiling fans – replace with air conditioning.
  • Objects considered ‘common’.
  • Potpourri – have you never heard of a Yankee candle?

Affordable Ways to Make Your Home More Sophisticated

  • Paint your walls a sophisticated colour. Neutrals look great! Interior designer Cathy Phillips knows exactly how to use them to make a space look better.
  • Rearrange objects and furniture – this can make a world of difference without adding anything at all!
  • Change the lighting in your home to suit what a room is needed for; task/mood/etc.
  • Bring in texturised and colourful pillows.
  • Change your door hardware.
  • Fresh flowers in a clear vase.
  • A scented candle as mentioned before. Yankee has to be the best!

Things You Should Invest in To Keep Forever

You might have to splurge a little to get these things, but you can keep and enjoy them forever afterwards.

  • A piece of art.
  • A grand piano.
  • A well designed sofa.
  • A beautiful mirror.
  • A bookcase or shelving to display, cherish, and collect certain objects.

Tips to a Sophisticated Kitchen

  • Keep the kitchen clutter free and clean.
  • Have fresh fruit in the kitchen to create an inviting feel.

Tips to a Sophisticated Living Room

  • Have one main focal point in the living room, whether this is a fireplace, piece of art, or TV.
  • Choose ambience lighting for a quick mood change.
  • Add a fireplace of some kind. Any fireplace can quickly make a living room look more classy!

Tips to a Sophisticated Bedroom

  • Use lamps in the bedroom for ambiance lighting.
  • Choose soft, textured bed linens but sleep in them too – don’t just display them for show!

Tips to a Sophisticated Bathroom

  • Roll your towels up to create the feeling of a spa.
  • If you have low ceilings, a long, slim mirror can create the illusion of height.
  • Store your personal items away in cabinets to eliminate clutter.
  • Add art, no matter how small your bathroom!

You can make your whole house look much more sophisticated by simply following the tips above. You’ll hardly need to spend a penny, and your home will look miles classier than it did before!