If you thought that all houses just had red brick exteriors then, you were wrong. There are so many ways in which architects make houses stand out.

Much of these designs take inspiration from ancient and long-forgotten architecture. Ensuring that each home looks new and unique is architects’ top priority. Some people take real; genuine pride in the exterior of their houses and so have stunning exterior designs and styles. There is so much more to the house than bricks and mortar. A property can be art. A creative and stunning exterior sets the tone for the entire property. It’s not all about style over substance; it is about combining both style and substance to create something new. Here are a few of the best-exterior designs in the world.

The Box House Design

The box design exterior takes modernist architecture to the next level. In contemporary design, minimal art features are favourable. This design encapsulates the notion of simplistic architecture. You may not realise on first looking at the design how technical it is and how difficult it is to pull off. The architect here has created a design, which has many structural downfalls. With his or her expertise he or she has managed to make the design work. In theory, this home should not be completely stable. The fact that the house is top heavy would suggest that the building is unstable. In fact, this is one of the strongest building designs in the world. The design takes inspiration from modular art and modern design trends.

Art deco


The Art Deco Design

Art deco is a stylistic movement which first came to be during the second world war. The style originates from France, where many creative artists and designers were living. At the time, the creative atmosphere took inspiration from African art. The French had recently travelled to Africa, and there they found a new style of art and design. If you look at African jewellery, for example, you see straight, symmetrical design styles that are typical of art deco. Later architects began to incorporate art deco trends into their designs. Here we see a typical American take on the movement. Everything within this house exterior appears streamlined. Much like fast American cars, this house appears to be moving at an incredible pace. Art deco style houses again saw popularity in the 1980’s in the UK and the US. Here is a typical design from that era.


The Gothic Exterior Design

Gothic architecture has been around since the gothic period of Europe. The designs that take on the gothic inspiration incorporate many features typical of castles. Here we see a large entrance, which would suit either a castle or a church. Architects began to take on this style after there was a surge in gothic inspired pieces in the UK and Europe. Here we see the perfect example of a modern gothic building. Take note of the detail within the window frames here. Everything about the building itself is extravagant. The fact that the building is here painted white is typical of the modern twist on an old architectural form.

Colourful houses


The Colourful Property Exterior

A contemporary take on Californian exteriors dictates that the exterior of the house should be bright. Taking on a bright exterior means that the home itself looks more expensive and quirky. Paint jobs such as this one will add a great deal of value to your house. The style originates from the beaches of California, where many people own beach houses. The style began when it became fashionable to stand out from the crowd by painting your holiday home a bright colour. The colourful nature of these exteriors looked glorious set against the backdrop of the American sun.

In modern times, this style is no longer confined to the USA. People across Britain, Spain and France have used this method to make the exterior of their home look original. Houses of this style are still popular in small beach towns and villages. The idea is that this style looks creative and is unique.

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