When designing a bathroom you don’t have to stick to straightforward design methods.

Many bathrooms look dull and boring, with the usual design features you would expect. Of course, your bathroom needs a bath, shower, toilet and sink. These are the basic items and fixtures that a functioning bathroom needs. Rather than just sticking to ordinary style units you can do so much more. Modern design bathrooms incorporate a range of unique and interesting styles into their design. You don’t just have to use white units in a spacious environment to give the design a  modern feel. Here are a few inspiring designer bathroom ideas that you might want to try for yourself.

Designer Glass Sink Unit

So many people overlook the sink unit when they are designing a bathroom. The sink does not have to be a mere functional fixture; it can be the amazing centrepiece of your room. The height of modern design dictates that you should do something unique with your sink. Why not have a stand-alone sink made from just glass? Glass fixtures within bathrooms look contemporary and are in fashion at the moment. Few designers are brave enough to use glass in their work. You must remember that the glass used to create a wonderful designer sink is strong. The glass itself will be a hundred times stronger than the glass of a wine glass. Many people shy away from this look as they fear it will be fragile. When the sink is well-made, though it will be stronger than any other.

Stand-Alone Bathtub

Your bathtub is a place in which you choose to unwind. Many homes have bathtubs that connect to the walls and are not noticeable. One of the more daring design techniques is to have a free-standing bathtub in the centre of your room. There is a wide range of delightful shower baths you can have installed, which will make a delectable feature piece. Solid bathtubs, which incorporate a minimalist design, look great as feature pieces. You can make these pieces look even more luxurious by creating a step up to them so you can climb into the bathtub.

Designer Shower Wall

A shower wall is an ideal alternative to a traditional shower unit. By incorporating tiny jets into an entire wall and part of the bathroom ceiling, you can create a luxurious shower. This design completely changes the showering experience and makes it something new and original. Many designers have incorporated the new trend into bathrooms around the world. Few people are willing to try such an edgy idea, yet once they do they don’t turn back. Having a wall of water hitting you when you shower is the ultimate experience.

Marble Walls and Floors

This design idea is something of a throwback to the past. Back in the 1970’s the most luxurious bathroom style was one which incorporated marble. Through the 1980’s, 1990’s and even the early 2000’s the style went out of fashion. To have such a lavish feature in your house was not favourable. Lavish living had become unfashionable, and it was en vogue to live a modest, easy lifestyle. Now, though, with a surge of celebrity culture and modern living we also see old trends make a comeback.

One such trend is the marble walls and flooring within modern bathrooms. The design is beautiful when paired with contemporary bathroom fixtures. Many people try and recreate the look by using faux marble on their floors. There is nothing more exquisite, though than real marble flooring in the bathroom. The bathroom looks clean and sophisticated with the introduction of marble.