Echeveria Laui is a stunningly attractive and highly sought after succulent, native to Oaxaca, Mexico.

Somewhat fragile – don’t touch the leaves! – and hard to grow, they are not the easiest plant to look after or get hold of.

We have put together a gallery of Echeveria Lauis for you to enjoy!

Echeveria Laui Identification Guide

Echeveria Lauis can be hard to find, so the best way to be sure you have one is to get it from a reputable dealer.

The leaves of Echeveria Lauis are covered in a beautiful powdery pale blue to white farina.

They can grow up to 6 inches tall, with rosettes as wide as 5 inches.

There can be a few similar varieties, as well as hybrids of Echeveria Laui with plants such as Pachyphytum Oviferum.

There is an image of the Echeveria Laui flower above -they are peachy-rose in colour.

Echeveria Laulindsayana
Echeveria Laulindsayana – Image copyright Mrsbear19 @ Reddit

Echeveria Laulindsayana (above) is a cross between Echeveria Laui and Echeveria colorata f. lindsayana.

Echeveria Laui Care Guide

As mentioned already, the plant is quite fragile and the farina/powder coating on the leaves can be easily rubbed off – so treat with care!

Often people ask the question “Will the farina come back?”

Unfortunately the answer is no – the farina will not come back – however as new leaves grow from the center of the plant they will replace the ones that have been smudged.

Echeveria Lauis are polycarpic, which means they flower multiple times per year. This can be quite energy intensive for the plant, so in some situations you will want to cut down the flower stem – eg if your plant is a little sick or struggling.

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