Is there anything better than visiting a friend’s house, or going to a dinner party?

It’s a great way to catch up with old acquaintances, and share the latest gossip. It’s also, of course, a perfect opportunity to have a snoop round someone else’s home. There’s something fascinating about looking at how other people decorate their living spaces. But after a while you begin to notice something else. They all look the same. Could visitors to your home say the same? It’s great to be stylish, and to follow the latest home décor fashions, but adding a truly unique feature can make your home stand out from the crowd. Here are 5 unique furniture ideas that will get your home noticed for all the right reasons.

1. Delightful Door Hooks

Door hooks
Sometimes the little things make all the difference. When your guests arrive, what’s the first thing that happens? You take their coats off them. What happens next? Maybe you lock the coats away in a cupboard to be retrieved at a later time, or hang them on a coat stand. Why not wow them straight away, by hanging them on fun and unique coat hooks? Bring a little nature into your home with bird and vine door hooks, or find a design that perfectly complements your own décor.

2. Magnificent Mirrors


The right mirror can raise any room above the ordinary. They not only have a practical use, they can also add light to a room, and make it appear larger than it really is. Why buy a mirror from a high street or out-of-town retailer, when you can have something a little different and a lot wonderful? For vintage industrial furniture visit They have a great selection of vintage and industrial mirrors, including golden sunflower mirrors that wouldn’t look out of place in the Versailles Palace. This Danby Wall Mirror is a unique and creative mirror that would look great in a kitchen or bathroom.

3. Classroom Chic

Classroom desk

Are you old enough to remember the traditional wooden classroom desks, with a hinged lid that can slam down and strike fear into errant pupils? Even if not, you’ll have seen them in movies. Those desks can now make a stylish dining table. Some of the best cafes and bistros are now using them, and they can make just as big an impression in your home too. Find them at antique fairs, or online.

4. Pallet Tables

Pallet table

Pallets are part of our industrial fabric, and an essential part of what makes our country great. They can also be used to create furniture that grabs the attention. Wooden pallets are incredibly versatile, and can easily be stained or painted. Use them as a base for a coffee table, dining table, or garden furniture. Add portability by placing them on castors, or make them even more functional with a glass top.

5. Retro Travel Trunks

Retro travel trunk

In the golden ages of travel, people didn’t travel light. The early tourists would spend months at a time travelling the globe, and carrying everything they had with them. To do this, they’d use locking wooden or leather trunks with cast iron handles. A replica travel trunk adds fun to any room, but it can also make a useful storage solution, or even table. Add location stamps to give it an authentic look.