As the nights draw in, you need a warm, inviting room to settle into the evening.

As Christmas approaches, this is even more important. With all of the family round, you’ll want a cosy area for entertaining. You want the Christmas atmosphere to be just right. That means a warm, comfortable living space. This can be achieved, even on a tight budget. Everyone is a little strapped for cash around Christmas so these ideas won’t break the bank.

Making a room feel cosy can often be achieved by a little rearranging. Moving furniture around and using different lighting can make a world of difference. However, there are a few extra items that will also help you achieve this cosy feeling. Most importantly, it needs to feel like home. Your items and possessions are the most important here, don’t neglect them.

Create a focal point

Living rooms work best when they have a focal point. Sometimes it’s a fireplace, or a TV, or a coffee table. Choose your focal point and build sofas and chairs around it. Informal, open plan rooms are no good here. You want to arrange the furniture into an inviting structure where conversation is encouraged. If you have a large living room, you can create a number of focal points, or ‘zones’. Breaking up the room can make a big space feel cosier.

Oversize accessories

Large accessories instantly make a room feel closer and cosier. Oversized lamps are great here. Lamps are also a much better lighting source than overhead lights. Oversized vases that sit on the floor are great. If you’re feeling flush, an oversized love seat is the ultimate cosy accessory.

Wooden Floors

If you are happy to spend a little money, a wooden floor can really add to the comfort of a living room. The warm, dark tones of mahogany boards and larch cladding are the perfect flooring options. Complement them with a large rug for an extra cosy feel. Before you part with your money, check to see if wooden floors exist under your existing carpet. Back in the ‘70s and ‘80s, many wooden floors were covered in favour of carpet.


A lick of paint will go a long way. A deep, warm colour will really draw the room in and create a lovely atmosphere. You could just stick to one accent wall if you don’t want to do the whole room. Most importantly though, hang paintings, prints or photos around the room. Large empty wall space will leave a room feeling empty and cold.

Make it your own

Most importantly, make the room your own. Fill it with your books and possessions. Finish the chairs with your favourite fabrics and throws. Pick the right coloured rugs and furniture. A personal touch will add that final hint of cosiness.

Make sure your home is warm and welcoming this Christmas. There’s nothing better than a cosy living room during winter. When the wind and rain is battering the windows, you’ll be all snug by the fire.

Thanks to Joe Buckingham for the image.