Read on for our quick guide on how to show for laminate flooring and save money.

Laminate flooring is already one of the most cost efficient materials around for your home, but you are on a budget and you want to save even more, you might be wondering how you can save some extra money for your projects.

You can read more on budgeting and money saving on Now, below we will be going over some tips on how to do just this.

Buying Wholesale

Buying wholesale usually requires that you buy X amount of materials. You can’t usually buy wholesale, for example, if you are doing just one small room.

But, if you plan to put your laminates in a very large room, a few different rooms or even your entire house, you can definitely take advantage of this option.

The more you buy the better a discount you can get too, so that’s advantageous as well. For wholesale, consider checking the Internet, looking at trade shows, checking out trade magazines or even talking to manufacturers who sell wholesale.

Work With A Middle Man

A lot of companies out there that sell laminate flooring actually will purchase directly from mills. A lot of people say you need to cut the middle man out for projects, but in this case, it’s better to include the middle man i.e. the business that can sell the laminate flooring to you.

Because they purchase directly from the mills rather than another business, this can allow them to cut down the costs. For example, you might see that laminate flooring cost anywhere from $2.59 on the low on up to $4.25 per square foot.

Looking at another business online that goes directly to the mills you can see their prices are much lower – from around $1.79 to .99 cents per square foot.

It might not seem like a big difference just by looking at those numbers, but once you figure out your overall amount you need, it does indeed become significant. For example; $2.59 x 70 square feet (average for a kitchen) = $181. On the other hand $.99 x 70 = $69.30! That’s a whopping $111.70 difference.

See, sometimes it does pay to include the middle man. Prices will vary depending on the cost they can get the flooring for versus how much money they want to make back by selling it to you, so make sure you really shop around before making a final choice.

Buy Flooring On Special Discount Days

We have had Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These aren’t just hyped up times to buy stuff, but actually very good times to buy materials such as laminate flooring. You can read more about the shopping frenzies on

Also, all sorts of online flooring sites and home improvement websites were having huge sales such as 75% off on flooring be it laminate flooring or hardwood flooring. You absolutely can’t wait for the flooring, then you will need to try these other flooring options.

But, when you can wait, consider waiting for after Christmas sales, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales in order to get your wood laminate flooring at a really good price. It’ll definitely be worth it.

Try Sites Like TileMarkets & Overstock

Originally overstock was meant to be used a surplus website i.e.; they sold items that were bought in excess, but these days you can also buy brand new products as well – at a cost.

Overstock and other sites like offer some of the best prices on things like laminate flooring, but just be sure you are getting the best price by shopping around before purchasing.

Looking on a few of these websites you can clearly see money saving options such as pretty good discounts on wood Laminates for as low as about $1.71 per square foot – a pretty nice deal. These websites sell all your favorite wood types.

All of the options above are good options, but it’s really going to depend on you and how you want to go about this. Y

ou don’t want to shop online for your flooring – well then you might want to visit some actual showrooms.

On the other hand, when you simply cannot find any local businesses that sell good quality laminate flooring, you won’t really have a choice but to look online anyway.

Just make sure no matter who you order from that they have a good rating with the BBB and that the consumers who purchase from them are happy with their prices, customer support, and selection.