A bedroom is a sanctuary of the mind and personality. Each bedroom should be painted appropriately to reflect a person’s interests and personal tastes.

It is an exciting and creative process, but can only be fully achieved with the correct tools.

Paint manufacturers, like Paints4Trade, can offer a number of coloured and textured paints for any bedroom and personality. All you need is a theme and concept of your bedroom and you can begin!

Beginning the process

Before designing a room’s colour palette, through consulting a professional designer or store clerk, it is important to clean your walls thoroughly, as well as add masking tape to the top corners of the walls.

This is to prevent the first prime layer of paint from spilling into any places that are undesired.

When choosing a primer, look for pale colours that will make your wall appear fresh and clean before painting it in your desired tone.

Be sure to look for any dark spots or tiny edges that might escape your brush.

Overlooking these may make your overall design look blotchy and rushed!

Pastels and Soft tones

Looking for a calm and relaxing theme to your bedroom? Pastels can bring out a soft, feminine touch that can turn a room from dull to classy in an instant.

Consider combining a dark floor with a pale pink, blue or purple to give it an extra twist. This will make your pastels burst out and light up the room.

Modernism at its best

Think of Cruella De Vil and her obsession with black and white. Well, that was for a reason!

Combining the colours of white and black can instantly make a room feel modernised. Try adding a glossy white coat on your walls to make them shine in comparison to the dark black floor.

This will allow your room to breathe with the light wall colours but also retain its elegance.

For an extra effect, try to find furniture which will also match your black and white colour scheme. It is a palette that is certain to draw the eye of anyone!

Bright Colours

A showstopper room is always a fun room. Whether for a child or a lover of summery tones, using dark yellows, oranges and light pinks can bring a warm tone to your room during the cold seasons of winter.

Combining this paint job with a golden lamp, as well as a dark red or green floor can make it even more fun.

Think of it as bringing an autumn forest into your bedroom. Beautiful.

The Warning of Dark Tones

Richard Storey, Designer of Redhill Painting, warns that ‘painting dark colours is more difficult and less forgiving than painting light colours.’

While many painters may prefer dark tones to suit their mood or colour tastes, dark paint does not have the potential to stain a wall if not used with an appropriate primer.

It can also make any room, that does not have natural lighting from a window or an apparent light source, appear much smaller than it is.

For the winter times, this can make a room appear to be cold and difficult for people suffering from SAD to inhabit. Seek professional design advice before using dark tones.