Designing your bedroom around a metal bed is a guaranteed way to stay on track and create a bedroom design any professional would be proud of.

By starting with your bed and designing around it, you create natural emphasis and ensure every design element in your bedroom complements your bed. It’s important to remember your bed is the most crucial piece of furniture in your bedroom!

This article will explore how to design your bedroom around a metal bed. If you have a metal bed, read on for some pro design tips.

Pick a colour scheme based on your bed frame’s colour

Most metal beds are black or grey, but you can also get white and pink bed frames. The colour of your metal bed frame will determine the best colour scheme for your bedroom because you want your bed frame to stand out.

Here’s a simple rule of thumb:

  • Black or other dark bed frames: Lighter colour scheme
  • White or different light bed frames: Darker colour scheme

By choosing contrasting colours for the rest of your bedroom, your metal bed will stand out and remain the focal point no matter what you do.

Harmony Beds bed frame

Pictured: Harmony Beds Victoria 4FT 6 Double Bed Frame is a perfect blend of both the modern and the classic as it introduces a contemporary take on the classic Victorian style.

Emphasise your bed

In bedrooms, the bed is always the focal point. You can dress your bed up in beautiful bedding and layer it, but you might still find it lacks emphasis.

Here are some of our favourite ways to emphasise a bed:

  • Install spotlights above it
  • Hang a picture or art above it
  • Hang a huge mirror above it
  • Layer it with contrasting cushions

Emphasising your bed means drawing the eye to it to create an area of focus. Doing this will build rhythm and flow into your bedroom design.

Birlea Montana bed frame

Pictured: The Birlea Montana is an eye-catching metal bed frame with steel construction for added support and durability. Not only it will stand the test of time, but this metal bed frame will also make a bold outstanding centrepiece for your sleeping sanctuary.

Embrace spotlights above your bed 

Lighting gives your bedroom different compositions and ambiences. Warm lighting that envelopes your bedroom provides a homely vibe, while cool lighting increases energy. Mood lighting is great for relaxing and winding down for bedtime.

Your metal bed will be best served by spotlights above it, ideally on a two-way switch with reading lights on one circuit (amber lights). Spotlights are relatively easy to install, and they help to emphasise your bed even further.

Introduce your bed with a rug

A large rug brings a bedroom design together, creating design cohesion and introducing your bed in a comfortable, natural way.

The great thing about rugs is you can place them under the bed or beside it, and they are available in thousands of styles. Contrasting colours are a great way to emphasise your bed, or you can use an interesting texture to create depth.

Time Living Metro Metal Bed Frame

Pictured: Time Living Metro Metal Bed Frame – Black.

Build rhythm into your bedroom

Rhythm is an interior design principle concerned with creating a sense of movement in space. While emphasis draws the eye, rhythm moves the eye, helping people naturally differentiate different bedroom spaces.

There are five techniques to create rhythm:

  • Repetition with continuous patterns and borders
  • Gradation using size, like small to large
  • Transition using shapes to lead the eye through a space
  • Contrast using opposing elements
  • Radiation (not the energy!) utilising a centre object and designing around it.

Try hanging small pieces of artwork leading from your bed to your window and see how it affects how people view your bedroom.

Pepper in complementary, scaled furniture

If you imagine your metal bed frame as the sun in a solar system and all other furniture as planets, it’s easy to see how furniture works together.

Your metal bed is the sun, and furniture revolves around it, so furniture should complement both colour and style. Furniture should also be scaled appropriately to bring balance and symmetry to your bedroom design.

For example, bedside tables should not be taller than your bed, and desk chairs should not be taller than your desk. It’s vital to scale furniture appropriately, so your bed remains the focal point in your bedroom, and everything has a place.