The most important thing to remember when choosing kitchen floor tiles is that you need to create a surface that is durable and hardwearing.

After all, the kitchen is one of the busiest areas in the home – especially when you use this area as a place of work or study. It makes little sense to pick tiles that look attractive but start to wear after a short period of time, and fortunately Crown Tiles only stock kitchen floor coverings that combine striking style with quality that is designed to last.

Hardwood Flooring

Design Ideas For Kitchen Floor Tiles - Oak Style Floor Tiles By Crown Tiles
Oak Style Floor Tiles

Wooden floor coverings will always provide a pleasing natural look, but you must be careful to choose a type of wood that will resist damage. You will always find that softwoods like pine are very easy to dent with a minimal amount of impact, and although applying treatment will improve their durability, they will still become damaged over time. Oak offers a compromise of sorts because even though it will still dent over time, the natural pattern and grain of the wood will conceal any blemishes.

Ceramic Tiles

The key word to remember when it comes to ceramic tiles is ‘flexibility.’ Because these kitchen floor tiles are relatively thin in comparison to other options, it is straightforward to cut them to size and apply them to your entire floor area. More importantly from a design perspective, they are sold in a large variety of shapes and sizes, and so with just a little bit of imagination you can create a unique pattern that is far more intricate than the tried and tested ‘grid.’

Natural Stone Tiles

Design Ideas For Kitchen Floor Tiles - Milestone Beige Porcelain Floor Tiles By Crown Tiles
Milestone Beige Porcelain Floor Tiles

The largest benefit with natural stone floor tiles is that they are incredibly tough and will provide many years of service – it isn’t an exaggeration to say that the right tiles will last a lifetime. However, they also have huge design positives as well, and the natural variation in the pattern and shade from one stone to the next will mean that every floor installation is unique. They are similar to ceramic tiles in terms of the range of colours, shapes and sizes available, but these provide more of a variable twist.

Porcelain Tiles

If you are looking to achieve a highly polished look in a slightly off-white shade of ivory, porcelain tiles are a perfect choice. Their colour means that they integrate seamlessly with the full spectrum of kitchen decor colours, and they are also strong enough to withstand many years of regular use. Their finish catches the light beautifully as well.

Travertine Tiles

Design Ideas For Kitchen Floor Tiles - Travertine Floor Tiles By Crown Tiles
Travertine Floor Tiles

Travertine is a term that has long been associated with a luxurious tile design while still being affordable, or for an even more affordable solution Travertine-effect tiles offer the same sort of patterns and shades but at a lower price point. They are especially popular with homeowners who are looking for the same floor layout for their entire property.