Christmas is all about the kids, and helping your child decorate their room ready for Christmas will make this year even more special and memorable for them.

Your child will love getting involved with making their bedroom into a warm and cosy Christmas den, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Paper snowflakes

Add some pretty winter snowflakes to your child’s window or hang them around the room using some cotton. Simply fold a sheet of white paper into quarters or eighths and cut patterns along the folded edges and outer edge, then open up to see your snowflake. You can now find some great templates for these on the web to print out for your child, or start out with a paper doily which already has a pretty patterned edge and add a few shapes of your own.

Snowflake ballerinas

Make your little girl’s eyes light up with these elegant dancing ballerinas in their snowflake skirts. A simple twist on the paper snowflake, to make these you just cut a ballerina shape from white paper (there are plenty of outlines to print on the web) and position it in the middle of a snowflake.  Hang the ballerinas from shelves and bedroom furniture using cotton.

Paper bag lanterns

Bring a warm glow to your child’s room with these safe and pretty paper bag lanterns. The candle bags are available cheaply from ebay or Amazon, and some are pre decorated with cut out shapes.  Let your child stick on doily ‘snowflakes’ to give them an extra Christmassy feel. Battery powered candles are available from most supermarkets, providing a safe, inviting glow. Add the lanterns to shelves and the windowsill.

Paper chains

Let your child decorate their room with strings of coloured paper looped together – these can be wrapped around furniture, hung from shelves, attached to the ceiling or even used to make a Christmas tree wall hanging.

Branches in a pot 

Give your child’s room its own Christmas tree by placing branches in a pot and letting your child decorate them how they like.  Ideas for decorations include colourful shatterproof baubles, battery powered fairy lights, ribbons tied in bows, mini paper chains, and tiny paper snowflakes taped to cotton.  The pot can also be decorated too – try wrapping with Christmas paper or shiny parcel ribbon.

Shelf decorations

Decorate shelves in your child’s room by folding paper into a concertina, cutting out a pattern which joins at the edges and then unfolding.  You can make anything from a Christmas tree forest to a row of angels holding hands. Let your child add ‘baubles’ to the trees and ‘jewels’ to the Angel’s dresses with colour pens and glitter.

Door hanger

Let your child’s imagination run wild creating a Christmas door hanger for their room.  Once you’ve cut out the basic shape from card – a cereal packet works fine – they can whatever they like to decorate their hanger.  Bits of wrapping paper and figures printed out from old Christmas cards give good results.

Cotton wool snowmen

Complete your child’s winter wonderland with these adorable Christmas snowmen. They are easy to make with a bit of card, cotton wool and scraps of coloured paper. Any cotton wool works fine but cotton wool balls work best. They can be attached to the window or your child’s furniture you’re your child can make small versions to hang from their tree with cotton. is a home decor and interior design blog in the UK.