Though bathrooms can look incredibly stylish and elegant, they generally lack character, and are often boring.

So why not change your bathroom to something more interesting by using something we use in most other rooms of our homes; a feature wall. A bathroom is relatively small so you do not want anything overpowering, but a feature wall is still possible. To give you some helpful ideas, I have compiled a list of a few options for your feature wall.


Wood is often used in bathrooms, but on four walls it can be slightly oppressive and make the room look small. Using wood as a feature wall is a great idea though, as you can use the textures to make the wall more interesting, and combining different colours in a mosaic is also a great use of wood on a bathroom wall.


Stone is probably only suitable for bigger walls; but again textures and colours can be mixed for great effect. If you can create a frieze on the wall, it will have added interest, and you could hang plants to give an even more dramatic effect.


Not an obvious choice to liven up your bathroom, but with careful thought your storage could easily become part of the décor. Random, brightly coloured shelves haphazardly scattered around a medium sized wall becomes interesting to look at as well as useful; and what better place to put your designer towel collection than in full view. The only downside here is that the contents of the shelves need to be meticulously maintained to avoid a mess instead of a feature.

Designer Radiator

Bathroom Designer Radiator

Why not use one of the necessities of a bathroom as a feature to admire? This is only possible on smaller walls, as even a large designer radiator would look lost on a big wall. However, a search online will undoubtedly turn up some great radiators that you can use as an interesting feature in your bathroom. Upright, horizontal, and even diagonal; there are lots of radiators you could use.

Mirror Wall

Another practical way to create a feature wall in your bathroom is with mirrors. Obviously, mirror walls have been used for a long time, but you could build a feature out of different sized and shaped mirrors and frames filling your wall. This is not only practical; it’s also a fun way to fill a space, and something that could eventually turn in a collection.

Picture Wall

Picture wall

Last, but not least, is a picture wall. This is a fantastic way to turn your bathroom into a gallery. The pictures could be anything that you want; and combining a family growing and expanding, with places and events that have been important through your life, will make every visit to the bathroom a joy. The beautiful thing about this idea is that as time goes by; your feature wall can change and continue to grow with you. Adding a grandchild’s picture alongside a picture of your son or daughter may take a few years, but the pleasure would be palpable.


You can always use lighting to make any wall more interesting, and highlighting a picture or creating texture through shadow and colour can be as interesting as any painting or mural. Lighting needs to be researched if you are not an expert, but there are some great lighting design articles that will help you decide how best to approach using lighting in your bathroom if that is your choice to highlight a feature wall

Giving life to a room can be difficult, but these ideas may help you liven up your bathroom while costing relatively little. I hope that if you do choose to use one of the ideas, that your bathroom will be a better place to be.