There is nothing more appealing than the thought of having a luxury towel wrapped around you, post-shower.

While many people still think that cheap and cheerful towels are the solution to their bathrooms, they are wrong. If you are something of an avid interior design fan, you will be all too aware of how a luxury towel feels. Furthermore, luxury towels not only feel good, but they look incredible too. The unique patterns and designs of luxury branded towels scream opulence. Cheaper alternatives simply cannot compete.

Here are the top three luxury towel ideas that you can style your bathroom with:

Luxury, Boutique Feel

If you are looking for a quality towel, you need to ensure that it has a certain pizzazz before you adorn your bathroom with it. Many people opt for white towels. The downside to this is that they need to be washed regularly and on a high wash. You don’t want your white towels to look grey. This not only looks unsightly but is unpleasant for guests within your home. Boutique-feel towels are the perfect way to make your bathroom have that designer look that is coveted by many. Ribbed, chunky and made from pure cotton, you are sure to have the luxury, boutique-feel within your home.

You Don’t Have to Opt For White

Others are less keen on the idea of having white towels within their bathrooms, as aforementioned. With this in mind, some people are opting to make their humble bath towel the focal point of their bathrooms.

Think about the large, bold prints that adorn towels. Current interior design trends have had a lot of focus on British wildlife. Towels are now adorned with neon and vivid coloured British wildlife. This includes rabbits, horses and hedgehogs. They are very twee, but certainly look the part. For those with vertical radiators, they are proving to be popular as they can be a feature of the room. Ensure that your chosen towels match the colour of the radiator. Coloured radiators are becoming increasingly popular. Towels and radiators have never before looked like pieces of art. The great thing about trends for 2015 and beyond is that you can be as creative as you want.

Know Your Choices

Knowing what choices are available to you is important. You need to know the difference between absorbency, thickness, GSM and durability. More inexpensive towels typically have a lower GSM. This means that you will relinquish absorbency and longevity. The cheaper the towel, the less you will get from it.

Higher GSM towels will last you a lifetime. They come in many different forms:

  • Peruvian cotton
  • Turkish cotton
  • Egyptian cotton

These types of cotton have a density of 800 GSM. The average high street towel will have about 300 GSM. You can see the difference instantly. With higher quality GSM, they not only feel amazing when you step out of the tub, but they look incredible. They will be less prone to snagging and shrinkage. They will remain in immaculate condition for many years to come.

Styling your bathroom with towels has never been easier.