There are numerous different simple yet effective ways to help make your bathroom more eco-friendly.

From the lighting of the room to the recyclability of the shower curtain, every household can make small changes to their bathrooms to help in the fight against climate change.

As global warming becomes an increasingly pressing issue with every passing day, it’s now more important than ever for households to do their bit in reducing the earth’s rise in temperature. There are many different ways in which people can make their homes eco-friendly, from switching to a renewable energy provider to installing double-glazed windows.

However, another great and effective way to shrink that eco footprint, is to make some simple changes to your bathroom. Much of a household’s damaging impact on the environment can actually be found within the bathrooms of a property.

What eco-friendly changes can you make to a bathroom?Bio D Bathroom Cleaner

Some of the most effective changes you can make to a bathroom include the following:

  • Reducing excessive water use
  • Installing more sustainable lighting
  • Using more eco-friendly products

Making these small yet impactful changes to your bathroom can reduce your eco-footprint by a considerable amount. As these are small changes as well, they will not require much compromise or hard work to integrate into your everyday household life.

Reducing excessive water use

There are numerous different ways in which this can be achieved, including such little things as not letting the water run in the tap when brushing your teeth, taking quick showers instead of baths (Note: long showers, especially ones with high-pressure showerheads, can use as much as if not more water than a bath), and even installing a dual flush on the toilet to better control the amount of water used when flushing the loo.

Water Overflowing Sink

The design of basins and long troughs can also have a huge impact on the cleanliness and the amount of water you use, explains Focus Washrooms. Measuring the distance that you have to turn the tap on and how far you need to lean forward to reach the tap, plus the pressure that the water comes out, are all important areas to consider as it may only save a small amount of water with a well thought out design, but over time that can add up to a large reduction in water usage. This is particularly relevant for high traffic areas such as shopping centres, hotels and schools.

Installing more sustainable lighting

This is something that can be installed not just in the bathroom, but throughout the entire household. Introducing more energy efficient (and thus more eco-friendly) light bulbs can now not only reduce the cost of running your household, but can also help to stop the planet from rising to unmanageable temperatures.

Using more eco-friendly products

bamboo toothbrush

As well as using more sustainable lighting, there are other eco-friendly products that can be introduced to help reduce your household’s impact on the environment. These include using recycle toilet paper, using natural and sustainable beauty and cleaning products, and, if possible, replacing your shower curtain when it gets too old with a non-PVC option. As PVC shower curtains cannot be recycled, and can therefore add to the damaging impact your household has on the environment.

Although some of these may seem quite minimal, by making these simple adjustments to your bathroom, households can significantly reduce their damaging impact on the environment, and further help to secure a sustainable future for our planet.