Are you looking to breathe new life into your living space?

Every so often, our homes need a refresh without the need for a full renovation. A new lick of paint or an on-trend set of furniture can work wonders for dated space. But if you’re looking to make a substantial, long-lasting update to your space, turn your attention to your electrics.

If your sockets, switches or lights are looking shabby, it can lower the tone of your entire space. Inefficient lighting and heating solutions can also result in a high energy bill. Bring some luxe to your home while saving on your energy costs with these electrical design ideas.

Instantly upgrade your home on a budget with these electrical ideas

Take advantage of the latest developments in interior design for a state-of-the-art home that won’t break the bank.

Add ambience to space with accent lighting

Lighting may just have the single-most impact on the overall look and feel of a room. A well-lit home appears welcoming and friendly. Equally, subtle and tasteful lighting cues can add atmosphere to any space. Well placed lighting can draw attention to design features in a space and create a stunning effect. This is known as accent lighting.

Under Cabinet Kitchen Lighting

Examples of effective accent lighting include undercabinet lighting in kitchens. These usually consist of energy-efficient LED strip lights and are available in a spectrum of colours. This type of lighting can also be used to beautifully illuminate any shelving unit.

Modernise your switches and sockets

Switches and sockets are an integral feature of any room, and yet are often overlooked. In terms of home design, gone are the days of ‘safe’ decorating choices. More and more designers and homeowners are ditching the once ubiquitous magnolia walls and beige carpets in favour of bolder choices. Plain white plastic switches and sockets belong to that same bracket. Inoffensive, functional, but – frankly – a bit boring.

Polished Chrome Electrical Socket

Try modernising your electrical fittings with on-trend colourways and textured finishes. Add some striking contrast to a bright wall with black nickel fittings or introduce metallic accents with polished chrome.

Enjoy function as well as form with USB and smart socket options. These add a truly modern flourish to any space.

Use garden lighting solutions to transform your outdoor space

When you’re updating your home, your exterior space is just as important as your interiors. Create an enchanting outdoor area with attractive garden light displays.

Garden Lighting

Mounted lighting, such as wall lanterns, are ideal for illuminating your patio area – perfect for outdoor entertaining. Ground lights can also bring a feeling of midsummer magic to your garden. Highlight outdoor design features, such as fountains, gazebos and rockeries, with a set of well-placed garden deck lights.

Kitting your home with advanced lighting and electrical solutions is a sure-fire way to give it an immediate upgrade, with the added benefit of saving money on energy costs. What suggestions do you have for giving your home a high end feel?