How to Pick the Right Kitchen Worktop - Granite Worksurface

If you’re questioning which kitchen worktop would work best for you, you should do some research to learn the available materials and the benefits that each one brings to your home.

You have the choice of glass, wood, laminate, composite stone, granite, or stainless steel from which to pick your favourite. You’ll have some major points to consider as you narrow down the surfaces that appeal to you the most. When doing this, it important to make sure you look at kitchen splashbacks to match.

How to Pick the Right Kitchen Worktop - Marble Worksurface

By following some of the guidelines discussed below you can turn your queries into a confident selection that adds style to your home.

  • First you must take a practical approach to the selection of the material for your worktop. Do you have children who will be helping you in the kitchen, doing homework at the island as you prepare dinner, or who want to be independent and place their own dinnerware on the worktop? If so you should look at some of the granite worktops available; you can choose from a wide variety of colours that make your kitchen brighter and more modern looking.
  • Do you enjoy cooking and do you spend a great deal of time in the kitchen? Granite is a heat-resistant stone that can accommodate hot pans and pots. Keep in mind how much you will be using the worktop before you make a final decision about the surface material that you want to use.
  • If you want to protect your family against bacteria, granite (when sealed) is the ultimate choice for the sanitary kitchen. For a healthy and safe worktop, look at the benefits of granite before you choose.
  • You should try to stay within a conservative budget when you are purchasing new worktops but by paying just a bit more for granite you are getting your money’s worth. You’ll be able to choose from modular or slab granite depending upon your supplier and the cost will depend on the type that you like. You may have to figure in transportation costs, the price for installation, and any sealing done by the professional installing your worktops. Generally, granite is about £200 for a square metre.
  • Finally, your worktop surface should be durable, resistant to water and other liquids, and be available in many different sizes and shapes. If you have tricky spaces in your kitchen you may want to dress the area up with a granite worktop that provides you with another area for your appliances or a place to fix a quick snack or beverage for family and friends.

How to Pick the Right Kitchen Worktop - Granite Worksurface

If you are searching for a beautiful look from a worktop that is easy to maintain and clean, take a look at granite as you decide on the surface that would work best for you. Whether you pick a polished finished, the matte look, or a glossy finish that adds a traditional look to your decor, granite is a versatile worktop surface that will serve your needs well for years to come.

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