One of the biggest secrets in having the pools of your dreams is in the placement of your swimming pool.

It will be one of the largest components in your garden area, and therefore requires plenty of thought and planning to determine the right place to put it. You must consider the surrounding decking area, landscaping and adjoining patios. Also don’t forget about your underground drainage considerations, this is a very important factor.

Some say the best way to think about the space in your garden is to divide it in to activity areas. You could split your activity areas in the following ways: BBQ or eating area, entertaining area, children’s play area, planting area, grass area and pool deck area.

Each of your garden areas must work in harmony with each other, and therefore these areas will have a huge impact on where you place your swimming pool.

Your garden may also have restrictions on where you can place your swimming pool.

Again, you must consider any sloped areas, drainage elements and utility infrastructure (underground pipes) that will have an impact on where you can place your swimming pool.

Other elements that will affect the location of your swimming pool are building regulations and other planning regulations that could restrict where you swimming pool is located.

For example, planning regulations could state that your pool has to be a certain distance away from any residential boundaries to neighbours, infrastructures (such as roads or electricity pylons) or any other public use buildings.

You will also have to evaluate how rainfall and drainage will affect your swimming pool layout and positioning, to ensure that the location of your swimming pool does not adversely affect the local environment, any already existing structures and your own home.

For certain types of property there are a number of certain key design details that can help guide your swimming pool placement decision. Take a look at the following design tips for the most common swimming pool placements:

Swimming Pool Placement for Small Spaces

In smaller spaces, the swimming pool is often best places close to, or adjoining the house itself. This is because the swimming pools are easy to watch over, and can be conveniently accessed.

Think about the swimming pool, and surrounding decking area, as an extension of your existing homes architecture, and this should be reflected in the design of the swimming pool itself.

You may also want to consider the shape of the pool, whether a traditional four sided pool or as something a little more unorthodox.

Swimming Pool Placement for Large Spaces

If you have more space, you have more to consider. However this will offer you a lot more flexibility in a swimming pools placement as well as its design.

If space allows it, your swimming pool can become its very own activity area, and it can provide a focal point to the rest of the garden space and your pool must be designed in a way that it compliments that existing natural environment.