With the summer almost upon us, thoughts turn to the yearly upgrade project that is to take place in the home this year.

For some, it will be the excitement of a new kitchen or bathroom while others will look towards the construction of a conservatory.

We are going to focus on the bedroom today. The bedroom is an often neglected part of the home. Perhaps this is because it is a room that visitors often don’t see and, therefore, it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Some people may be hesitant to spend a lot of money on this room because the time spent there is usually when they are asleep.

Having a comfortable and attractive bedroom design is important in the home. If the room is attractive and welcoming then we may wish to spend more time in there, hiding away from the rest of the world.

Good quality bedroom furniture sets the scene, but it cannot create the relaxed ambiance we are seeking here, alone. There are other parts of the design that must be addressed; storage, for example. Storage is a vital element of your bedroom as, if the room is cluttered with cast off clothes and shoes, how can it be a place to calm your mind? By finding a place for everything and clearing the room, it becomes a more welcoming place.

Let’s take a look at a couple of storage solutions that are a great addition to any bedroom design.


If your standalone wardrobes are bulging at the sides and have seen better days, it really is time to renew them with a modern alternative. Maximum storage space can be achieved by taking a couple of feet from one side of the bedroom and building a bespoke fitted storage solution. The designers will visit your home and discuss with you, exactly what your requirements are. When a design is acceptable, they will construct the frame to your specifications. This will include drawers, shoe racks, clothes rails, shelving, and anything else that you need. The frame can even be designed to house the television if you wish.

Once the main storage has been built it can be hidden within sliding wardrobe doors. Wardrobe doors come in standard sizes so there may be a solution for you, or you may wish to have a set specifically designed and made. This is likely to be an expensive option that some people find worthwhile.


Beneath a double bed, there is often a cavernous wasted space. Designers have worked hard to produce beds that look stunning and can be lifted to access that space. People are discovering the benefits of under bed storage for hiding spare duvets, the things that are a nightmare to store.


If you are a lover of literature and have a big library of books, consider displaying them on shelves that are mounted high up on the walls near to the ceiling. A single shelf running around the entire room looks good and makes use of a space that is rarely used.

At every step of the bedroom design, one should always keep storage in mind. An uncluttered room often leads to a better night’s sleep and that, after all, is the purpose of the room.