The housing market is a tough nut to crack and if you’re lucky enough to get a potential buyer interested in viewing your house, you’ll need to put your best foot forward if you want to turn that interest into a sale.

Follow these simple tips to make your home look its best when it’s time for a viewing.

Maximise the light

Rooms look brighter and more spacious in the light, so if you’re showing your house during the day make sure you open your venetian blinds to let in plenty of natural light. This will have a positive effect on the buyer and create a good impression when they enter a room.

The same goes for if you’re showing your house in the evening; turn on every light in the house so that the buyer doesn’t enter each room in the dark. This will make the house appear more spacious and show you have nothing to hide.

Pay attention to windows

Attention to detail is key when showing your home to potential buyers as even the smallest signs of wear and tear can put them off. Windows can often give away tell-tale signs of ageing so it’s vital to make sure they look their best before a viewing.

This means replacing any cracked or broken panes, repainting the frames if they’re looking tatty and giving your blinds a good dust. Paying attention to detail will reassure potential buyers that you take care of your home and make them less likely to expect further faults.

And if your home features custom-fitted window blinds that will be included in the sale, point this out as it will add value to your home.

De-clutter your home

When a potential buyer enters your home, you want them to imagine themselves living in it. But they can’t do this if your personal belongings are cluttered around the house so it’s important to tidy away all mess and personal belongings before the buyer arrives.

Remove any excess furniture to make rooms look more spacious and put away any personal photos that will remind buyers that it is your home, not theirs. And if you have a pet that tends to moult a lot, leave it at a neighbour’s house for the day so that your house is completely free of pet hair. Before you know it you’ll have buyers picturing themselves living in your house in no time.

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