We all know that cleaning can sometimes feel like a never-ending chore, but what if we told you there are ways to make it easier, quicker, and even a bit more fun?

To help, we’re sharing 10 household cleaning hacks that may be new to you. Despite the chore element, there is always something rewarding about a job well done.

Here are 10 cleaning hacks you may not have come across before.

1. The Magic of Vinegar

Vinegar isn’t just for salads, it’s also for magic cleaning solutions! It is a cleaning powerhouse. Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and use it to clean glass surfaces, countertops, and even your bathroom tiles. You’ll love the results.

2. Baking Soda Brilliance

Vacuuming doesn’t just suck up the dirt it can at times release odours which are never a good thing. Take some baking soda and sprinkle it over your carpet before you start hoovering. It will not only clean but also deodorise your carpets, leaving them smelling fresh. Nice job!

3. The Toothbrush Trick

Don’t throw away your old toothbrushes. They make excellent scrubbers for those hard-to-reach places like grout lines and sink corners. Once you use a toothbrush for these kinds of jobs you’ll never go back to clothes and sponges.

4. Coffee Filters for Screens

Use unused coffee filters to clean your TV and computer screens. They’re lint-free and won’t leave any streaks. Cleaner screens and an enticing smell must be a win.

5. Olive Oil for Stainless Steel

It’s no secret that stainless steel items never quite clean that well. That can change, however, simply using a dab of olive oil on a cloth can make your stainless-steel appliances shine like new.

6. The Sock and Cup Duo

Slip a clean sock over the bottom of a cup or glass. Spray your favourite cleaner on the sock and use it to clean those tricky, narrow spaces like window tracks or sliding door grooves. The sock provides a snug fit, allowing you to get into all the nooks and crannies effortlessly.

7. Lemon Fresh Microwave

Place a bowl of water with a few slices of lemon in the microwave. Run it for 5 minutes, and easily wipe away the grime with a cloth. It will also smell nice.

8. Quick-Dry Towels

Roll your wet towels and give them a good wring before hanging. They’ll dry twice as fast.

9. The Spray Mop Revolution

If you haven’t already, it’s time to invest in a spray mop. These ingenious devices come with a built-in spray mechanism, allowing you to clean and mop in one go. No more lugging around a heavy bucket of water!

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10. Aluminium Foil as a Scrubber

Ball up a piece of aluminium foil and use it to scrub away stubborn grime and food particles from your pots and pans. It’s a great alternative to steel wool and won’t scratch your cookware.

Hopefully, these ten cleaning hacks can make your life a whole lot easier. So, the next time you’re dreading that weekend cleaning spree, remember these tips and breeze through your chores.