Rattan furniture is a popular choice for UK homeowners and you’ll find it’s even becoming popular once again with home interior enthusiast.

The answers to why rattan garden furniture is so popular? – it’s super stylish, elegant, highly versatile, low on maintenance, a one-time investment, and an all purpose furniture.

With this in mind lets try and unearth further areas as to why we rate rattan furniture so highly.

Well, as Spring is just around the corner, imagine relaxing and enjoying the sun’s warmth reclining on where else but a rattan lounger, whilst catching up with friends and family, and organising alfresco lunches and summer garden parties?

You’ll also find that high quality rattan furniture such as those found at Brooks Rattan Garden Furniture is made in a way that enables the furniture to feel light in weight, therefore allowing easy rearrangement of the furniture and decor depending on your event/needs.

Why Rattan Garden Furniture Is Becoming So Popular? - Image From RattanGardenFurniture.co.uk

Plus unlike wooden furniture, which is quite heavy and could get damaged whilst rearranging/storing of the furniture, rattan is strong and tough, whist remaining light in weight. It’s best not to keep wooden or for that matter even plastic furniture out all year round. But this is not the case with rattan, so you will be saving your back as well as time and money.

The reason for this is due to the high quality HDPE rattan of which the entire furniture range at Brooks is crafted, enabling the furniture to be kept outdoors through out the year without any deterioration to the materials. It also comes with a 10 year all weather guarantee, the entire furniture range is UV resistant, and it’s fire retardant to UK fire safety standards.

Garden furniture unlike indoor furniture is susceptible to harsh climatic conditions but rattan being tough can handle the British weather and keeps it’s sheen. When it comes to moss growth, and frost damage, your rattan garden furniture made from exceptional quality HDPE is free from all these problems other garden furniture experiences.

Wooden furniture in particular will require regular re polishing or repair which can become quite expensive over time. Rattan on the other hand requires only a hose pipe or a mild detergent with a damp cloth for regaining lost shine, if anything at all.

Why Rattan Garden Furniture Is Becoming So Popular? - Image From RattanGardenFurniture.co.ukToday designers and manufacturers are working together to produce an array of styles and shapes in rattan garden furniture. Gone are the days when you could only find rattan sofa sets and dining chairs.

Nowadays it’s easy to order bistro sets, coffee tables, loungers, day beds, even planters! You can still purchase rattan sofas and dining sets, but the designs are more varied from country chic to modern minimalism.

With a long list of reasons why you should consider rattan furniture, don’t forget it’s also back on trend and becoming increasingly popular as an interior design choice, but with the promise of the entire range at Brooks coming with a 10 year weather proof guarantee and free shipping across UK mainland, you can feel secure in the knowledge that wherever you place your rattan furniture it will stand the test of time.