No succulent collection is complete without Senecio Rowleyanu – String of Pearls.

String of Pearls can look incredible in hanging baskets, and is a plant that once you see you won’t be able to forget.

Make sure you allow the soil to dry out between watering and water the plant very lightly, Senecio Rowleyanu is a plant that unfortunately really does not take over-watering well at all.

If you can keep String of Pearls alive successfully you will be rewarded with a beautiful succulent that loves to trail its stems and leaves downwards over the edge of the pot.

Another plant that is quite similar and also incredibly beautiful you can look for is Senecio herreianus and Senecio herreianus Purple Flush.


Senecio Rowleyanu – String of Pearls
© Maja Dumat
Senecio Rowleyanu – String of Pearls
© Maja Dumat
Senecio Rowleyanu – String of Pearls
© Quinn Dombrowski




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String of pearls seems to be the plant that most people ask me about in terms of how to keep it alive. Mostly because I think it’s hard for us to figure out when to water it and how much? So here’s what works for me. I allow the dirt to completely dry out between watering , which doesn’t take long at all as the air in my room is dry and the soil is very well draining what is more important is that I watch the pearls to get an idea when watering is appropriate. When my string of pearls is ready to get a thorough soak the pears looks a darker sort of bluer green and the look DEFLATED, so that they no longer look like round pearls but more like little peaches they also feel squish between your fingers. (For mine this usually takes 3-4 weeks) and at that time I will water completely until soil is completely moist. In a few days the pearls reinflate, feel firm and look like pearls. While waiting for the plant to be so dry may not be ideal it is a more sure way for me to ensure I don’t overwater it which typically for these means certain death. Swipe to see before and after watering. . . . . . #ilovehouseplants #indoorplants #houseplants #plantlove #urbanjunglebloggers #plantstagram #motherofmonstera #plantgang #greenhouse #plantbabies #houseplantclub #welovehouseplants #plantsofinstagram #indoorplants #urbanjungle #plantcommunity #plantenabler #realhouseplantsofinstagram #stringofpearls

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