It should come as no surprise that one of the most significant interior design trends of 2018 is tropical.

With jungle-inspired prints bursting into our homes and various shades of green dominating colour palettes, it seems that everybody is getting in on the action.

However, if you’re looking to transform your home quickly and efficiently, why not consider incorporating some greenery into your home via pots and planters?

Using Plants To Transform Your home - Monstera

There are many ways that you can choose to make your home more vibrant, and it all depends on the size of your room and how much light it receives.

While it is common knowledge that plants need light in order to grow, there are a number of them that flourish in spaces where they may not sit in direct sunlight.

The Monstera is a beautiful example of this and works well in open-plan communal areas due to its size. The glossy leaves need nothing more than some over-head lighting and regular watering.

With low-maintenance varieties such as this, they are the perfect addition if you’re looking to transform your urban space, adding a burst of colour into an otherwise dreary room.

If your home is cosy, you may find yourself lacking the space to grow vivacious, bigger-leafs; this can be especially true in kitchens, where your area is used for other purposes.

In instances like this, it is vital not to make the space seem too cramped by overloading the room with unnecessary items.

In kitchens, where the place has a purpose, the surfaces are often left for household items such as toasters and kettles; however, the windowsills in many rooms usually are left bare.

Using Plants To Transform Your home - Plant Box

Planter boxes work incredibly well in these spaces and can be used to cultivate many different things. From growing herbs to delicate flowers, any planter boxes placed in windows use the natural light from the sun to grow.

Kitchens are typically hard rooms to keep on-trend, which means that if you’re planning on getting on-board with something you usually would have to invest.

However, the added beauty of a planter box is that when you’re looking to revitalise your room, you can pick it up and move it elsewhere! Additionally, you could also use large wooden crates as these work in the same way!

Living rooms are the perfect example of a place that can really benefit from the tropical theme. The space and light that the room has, however, dominates what plants you can use, so looking before buying about the conditions each variety needs to live a healthy life are essential.

If you’ve got plenty of space but are worried about the upkeep, an artificial fern or bird of paradise could be the option for you!

Using Plants To Transform Your home - Succulents

Succulents and cacti are everywhere right now, and understandably so! Their size means that they can be placed in almost any location in the house, and their low-maintenance schedule of being watered monthly implies that they don’t always have to be top of your list of priorities.

These can also be picked up pretty cheaply too, as well as in arrangements with an array of other succulents, making the perfect centrepiece for any room!

Using Plants To Transform Your home - Jasmine

Lastly, if you’ve ever had trouble sleeping at night, did you know that there are some plants which can help you? Following a study by NASA, it was discovered that the soothing effects that Jasmine has could reduce anxiety levels, making it a wonderful bedtime companion.

Place nearby your bed for the most effective treatment; the beautiful blossoms are both aesthetically pleasing as well as precisely what you need if you’re looking to increase sleep quality!

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