In the past 15 years, there has been a rapid expansion in the industry of ergonomic furniture. Some may wonder what is to account for the rise in furniture manufactures who are concerned with the dynamics of ergonomic computer desks, chairs, and monitor stands to name a few of these products.

The answer lies in the fact that there are many more computer related jobs in today’s working world than there were 15 years ago. Because using a computer generally means also using a chair and desk, much attention has been given to making these furniture items more comfortable and less likely to cause repetitive workplace injuries. The innovations that have been made in this industry have led to ergonomic furniture that can be used in many places.


Were you to take a stroll through any mechanic’s garage today, you may be surprised to find that most have at least one computer in the shop designated for mechanics to use for diagnostic tools, and some shops have begun to provide a computer for each mechanic station. Because mechanics are often required to move from task to task in a rapid manner, a height adjustable garage workbench is a great investment in a more effective garage. The mechanic will be able to use their computer sitting or standing depending on the type of job they are completing.

Craft Room

The crafting industry today is multi faceted. For those who have invested time and money into the art of crafting, a comfortable workplace is essential. Ergonomics play heavily into being able to make many types of crafts without attaining a repetitive motion industry. While some crafts require a seated position for hours on end, others need to have a table top that is at a comfortable standing height. Tables that can extend from short to tall with ease works very well in a crafting room.


Cakes and cupcakes have become interesting enough that many have bakers now have their own television shows. This growing popularity is bringing with it a higher demand for bakers who are willing to make extreme desserts which often require more than 8 hours of uninterrupted baking and decorating time. By investing in ergonomic tables, these decorators have found a way to ease strain on muscles while decorating, while sitting and while standing.

Home Gym

The home gym is possibly the last place that you would expect to find an ergonomic table or computer desk, however many innovations have come about because of the need many people feel to multitask. With the correct adjustable height table, it is possible for those who multitask to use a treadmill while checking emails, writing reports, even attend a teleconference if necessary.

Dining Room

Many accommodations are made for those who may have the need of a wheelchair in the home. Most dining room tables are not quite tall enough to accommodate the arms of a wheelchair. By investing in an adjustable height table for dining, it is much easier the wheelchair bound to feel accepted and included. Some of these types of tables today are electric powered, meaning they can be raised and lowered at the touch of a button.

With so many innovations in the ergonomics market, it is time to begin looking at the many ways these innovations can be used in different places. By realizing that repetitive motion injuries can happen anywhere, and in any environment, you will have a great idea on where to use these types of products.