There are many decisions people make that can really say a lot about how they feel.

One of which is the style of interior decorating you choose. When you take a look at your bedroom, or you’re thinking about what bedroom colours to try, you may want to consider what kind of vibe you want to project.

Blue: You Like to Relax

When you find yourself preferring a blue room, this may mean that you like using the bedroom for what it’s designed for: rest and sleep. The colour blue can calm your heart rate, soothe your mind, and get you a better night’s rest. It obviously isn’t a cure for insomnia, but a little blue and some healthy sleep hygiene can put you to sleep faster.

Red: You’re Fiery

Red painted Bedroom

The colour red can definitely say a lot about your fiery passion. This is more than just being a passionate lover, but it can indicate that you love to accomplish your goals. You only need rest when it’s necessary and spend time in your bedroom brainstorming. Just make sure to get enough sleep and you’ll be ready to tackle the day ahead.

Green: You’re Balanced

Green Painted Bedroom

When you prefer a green bedroom, this may mean that you like a balance of both uplifting and calming emotions. For example, greens can invoke creativity and uplifting the mood. It may make you feel lucky and ready to go. However, green can also feel calming. It can invoke feelings of grass being blown by a gentle wind, or a calming forest. On the other end, if you want to invoke imagery of passion, it can make you think of a wild jungle. It’s all about how you’re feeling at the time.

Grey: You Like to Blend With Everything

Grey Bedroom

The beauty about grey is that it adapts to quite a few colours. It’s a neutral colour, after all. This means it’s a good fit for most of your decorations, and because of this, it may say that you’re a person who likes to blend with their surroundings. You’re not a mindless conformist, but you do like to open your mind up to possibilities and will try anything once.

Black: You Sleep

Black painted bedroom

Black may be the colour for those who want to sleep in their bedroom and nothing more. It can add darkness to the room, especially when combined with blackout curtains and other accessories. You may not be someone who just sleeps the day away, but you’re someone who knows the value of a good night’s rest.

Colours Aren’t a Substitute for a Professional

While the colour of your bedroom can say a lot about you and can aid you in your sleep. If you’re having trouble sleeping or need help in life a counsellor or a therapist would be a good next step. Sites such as BetterHelp are a great resource for finding a therapist, without having to even leave the comfort of your bed.

With that said, what are your favourite bedroom colours? Do you have a preference? We’d love to hear what you have to say, so tell us below in the comments