If you’re looking to give your tired and faded bedroom a quick makeover for the new season in 2016, then you can be sure of an ultra-stylish upgrade by incorporating some of these great tips from interior design gurus across the internet.

Pantone have always played a leading role in helping us decide on a colour scheme. And 2016 was a big year for the brand as they announced that the soft and inviting tones of rose quartz and serenity blue would be the on-trend colours that are perfectly suited to any living space whether it’s a chic kitchen or an expansive bedroom.

Designing An On-Trend Bedroom In 2016 - Colour Charts

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Such a colour scheme is perfectly suited for adding a touch of comfort to an interior. Interestingly there were further moves away from the brutalist trend with plenty of design aficionados pointing out how soft black matte finishes would replace harsh metallics in an array of furniture ranging from bed frames to lampshades.

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Other moves towards comfort can be seen in the outsized furniture trend that is showing no sign of slowing down with massive overstuffed armchairs and even the biggest beds available in the UK to be found at Bedstar that are perfect for adding a touch of luxury whilst staying on-trend.

Obviously such trends are limited by the bedroom space, but it seems that 2016 is all about comfort and style!

Of course, once you’ve got your super king-size bed frame in place, you’re going to need some suitably fashionable soft furnishings to accompany it.

Designing An On-Trend Bedroom In 2016 - Raffia Trend - Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge in Botswana Image By TravelAndLeisure.com

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And the good news is that raffia is big in 2016 and the beautifully woven material is a great way to add a calming and natural feature to just about any interior space.

And if your super king-size bed and raffia pillows are just slightly too cosy, then why not brighten things up by implementing some bright technicolour stripes that can be incorporated into any wardrobe or bookcase and will possibly see the end of the chintzy shabby chic look!

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The technicolour stripe trend is one that makes full use of bright colours that are looking to gain prominence in many interiors throughout 2016.

And it’s no surprise to find that many interior designers have found ways to implement them in the bedroom with striking wallpapers, curtains and even rugs gaining a few style points through the simple powers of the stripe.





Image Source – By sansparapluie.com

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