Choose The Best Mattress For You With These Simple Tips

Getting a good night’s sleep can be a challenge for many people, with sleep disorders on the rise nationwide and issues with stress and anxiety preventing sufferers from getting a good night’s sleep.

In addition, sleeping problems can be caused by improper resting surfaces. If you’re having obstacles related to dozing off, staying asleep, and/or low back pain that goes away within 30 minutes of waking with some light stretching, consider purchasing a new mattress.

Here are some important things to deliberate over when comparing different types of mattresses.

Ponder Both Comfort and Support

You may think that the most comfortable mattress is the right one for you, however, equally (if not more important) is support. A mattress’s core structure should provide you with backing that guarantees correct body positioning for restful sleep.

Your spine should be properly aligned, and your shoulders, low back and hips should be properly reinforced. If your mattress has excessive firmness, certain pressure points will be pushed and alignment will be compromised; in contrast, a too-cushy mattress will create a space where your points will not be properly held and your body will be too loose.

Either of these situations can result in waking with aches and pains.

Don’t Be Tempted by Trends

Choose The Best Mattress For You With These Simple Tips - Memory Foam Mattress

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Just because pillow top mattresses or memory foam types are having a moment doesn’t mean they are the right ones for you. The industry standard for many years, tight top mattresses, is available in many levels of support and padding depending on the user’s favored sleep position.

Pillow tops, which have more padding on them, feel a little softer in comparison but also enable the sleeper to feel some support directly beneath the cushioning. (Pillow tops are generally not recommended for lightweight sleepers, as these sleepers aren’t heavy enough to feel the interior coils/support system.)

Memory foam products have gained popularity in recent years and can be a great choice for those who suffer from allergies or are often disturbed in sleep by their partner’s movements.

Take a Test Drive

Choose The Best Mattress For You With These Simple Tips

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If possible, even when you are buying online, try your mattress out before purchasing. After all, the best mattress for you will be the one that feels right, not necessarily the most expensive or most popular.

A sleeping surface is an important investment and the decision should be carefully though out. It’s ideal if you can lie on it for 15 minutes and get a good sense of how it would work for you.

Select a Retailer With Care

Buy from a company that has a good selection of mattresses, and make sure you feel comfortable with the buying process. Ask about the warranty and be sure you understand it fully before committing.

If you follow these tips and shop wisely, you can sleep easy, luxuriating in your mattress for years to come.

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