About a third of our lives is spent in the bedroom. After a hard day’s work, there is nothing like climbing into your own bed. No other feeling comes close to it.

The bedroom plays a large part in keeping us healthy, both mentally and physically. A good nights sleep can be a cure for many ailments.

Our bedroom is the first thing we see in the morning and the last thing we see when closing our eyes at night. Designers rave about the latest kitchens and bathrooms while the poor old bedroom takes a back seat and is often not granted the attention it deserves.

I think you are getting the idea of why I think the bedroom is arguably the most important room in the house.

If you are planning a bedroom renovation, you have come to the right place. I am going to suggest here, some top bedroom ideas that could make your eyes pop.


There are two sides to the subject of bedroom decor. One would suggest that in order to relax gently into sleep the decor should be neutral shades. That, in my opinion, is a little simplistic. There is no evidence stating that colour has any effect on your sleep patterns. Be bold in the bedroom with deep, rich reds, blues, or purples. Having dark walls will bring in a moody, romantic feel that act as a sultry backdrop to your furnishings and artwork.


Your bed is all important in this room, obviously. I cannot state strongly enough how important it is to get the best bed you can possibly afford.


Come on chaps, it’s time to get into your wife’s good books. We need a place to store our clothing, but we also need adequate space for shoes. There are excellent solutions on the market for shoe storage. Install a shoe carousel within a wardrobe, and you will make someone very happy.
If you have an alcove, or even enough space in your bedroom to partition some of it, a bespoke, built in wardrobe is the order of the day. Think big!


The bedroom needs a mixture of lighting solutions. Bedside lamps for reading and romance, task lighting for the dressing table mirror, and main lighting. Recessed ceiling lights look classy in any room and can solve the main lighting easily. Table lamps can bring romantic light and create shadows on your dark walls.


Enjoy a thick pile carpet on the floor. The latest trend in laminate flooring has no place in a moody, romantic bedroom.


If all else fails, a mirrored ceiling is a classic and timeless touch. Personally I would never get to sleep. The thought is too scary.

How about a television that rises majestically from the foot of your bed? With internet capability built in, the sky’s the limit. Films, your favourite soaps, and social networking are at your fingertips without getting out of bed. Bliss.

So now you are armed with my top 7 tips for your bedroom design. Strike while the iron is hot and make a start on your renovations; because the sooner you start, the sooner you can reap the rewards. Let the kitchen and bathroom wait for another year. Treat yourself to a little night time luxury. Night night.